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  1. My issues isn’t the fact the cars are coming back, which I’m happy about! It’s about the presentation which was not what we expect from Kings Island, it was a little lack luster! Where is the razzle dazzle?
  2. I see cars comeback and a large Farris Wheel going in a node to the Zodiac. A new lighting package like the Gemini midway at Cedar Point got a few years back. Possibly some RMC topper track on The Racer, However I do not see them turning The Racer back around unfortunately!
  3. There is plans for every years, KI always does something to the park. Don't get to excited that something big is coming.
  4. Not sure what more unique than using the old international restaurant as the station and queue? They could call it montée Which is climb in French! Do a whole french alps theme!
  5. No more love for Rivertown for a while, I believe the next coaster will go somewhere else in the park. I really believe it will go either in the back corner (Dinosaurs Alive) where the park is really lifeless or near the front gate. What if the converted the old international restaurant into the station and queue?
  6. It’s old and needs updated, even the mouse updates things!
  7. Ok IndyGuy4KI got me there, but regardless Kings Island entrance is underwhelming compared to the chain. I foresee some kind of Coaster interaction across the front of the park.
  8. I really foresee this Giga going across the front of the park and KI getting a new gate!
  9. It's used to be speed and height and who could have the biggest coaster, but now people are looking for innovation something different that they can do at a park! Look for something you wouldn't expect!
  10. Zones on the blue print are just areas they are working at the layout doesn't have to be correct! They will have more plans to file with the city!
  11. I think KI will use the ravine to get a more feet off the first drop! I see a smaller hill but a larger drop!
  12. Again I think many here are going to be in for a big surprise!
  13. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised. I think KI has outwitted and outplayed us!
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