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  1. ^^I saw the picture on the webcam of the Splash pool and I thought it looked more blue than it had before but I have no idea what it could be and from what I can tell as of now there is no water flowing through the waterfall into the SP
  2. Cedar Point, no doubt. I hope to make a trip up there this summer though
  3. No, Diamondback will feature a chain lift while MF features a cable lift.
  4. ^^Yeah thats what I was thinking, they could be possibly be cleaning it out right now to make sure it is clear and ready to go when they fill it and once the high 50 to mid 60 degree weather comes later this week and this weekend they might want to try to fill it and start testing with the splashdown area filled. Just a thought
  5. At the Winter Blues event on the 31st Don said that they were still planning on having the ERT on opening day just the first rider auction rides might cut into it a little bit.
  6. Thats exactly what I did, zone out and take my pictures not even paying attention to who or what was around me. Sorry beastfan26 I know I walked in front of you a few times, sorry about that
  7. When I read the first post the first thing that popped into my mind was Rivertown and the addition of Diamondback. We already know that The Beast is getting a redesigned entrance kind of similar to how it was when The Beast first opened so the first thing in Rivertown after that was the train (KI&MVRR) Maybe theming coming back to life on the train in 2009?
  8. I don't know if you have seen this page or not but the link i will give you comes from a page on the KI website and talks about having a job at Kings Island and close to the bottom of the page there are some tips that they give you for going into an interview. Click here Hope this helps and best of luck to you in your interview and in the future
  9. One ramp, the left ramp from that angle, will most likely lead to the On-Ride-Photo booth and Gift shop and the other ramp will lead directly into Rivertown.
  10. I dont know if any of you have noticed yet but bidding has begun for the first rides on Diamondback Place bid here
  11. I'm not sure how much snow i got here but I would say close to 6 at least and I'm happy because I dont have any school tomorrow As for the trains, Thursday and Friday look to be good days as it should be sunny and will be warming up so there is a chance at seeing the trains then but if not hopefully next week sometime if the weather can cooperate as it will be warm and most if not all the snow should be gone, it just depends on what mother nature wants to do because weather.com is calling for rain and clouds everyday next week except Wednesday so hopefully they will find time to at least get the trains on the track.
  12. Official details about the auction of the first ride can be found here. If I can somehow get a little more money I would definitely go in and place a bid because i really like where this money is going and I would feel great just because I know I helped many kids out and not because of getting the first ride on Diamondback
  13. Feb 21st is the date that all the people that were at the event are aloud to come back into the park and we will be treated to a park and Diamondback tour. Only the people that signed up for the event are aloud to go on this date. Jackson great PTR and awesome pictures.
  14. I was back in that room as well and caught a picture of the King Cobra letters as well as the old Drop Zone Skycoaster sign
  15. ^^^ This was discussed yesterday i believe in the thread and i found the answer to this question. What we believe is that the train wont sit in the storage area on actual track instead it will be guided into the storage area with a little section of track then moved back and forth on the guide wheels that are in each section. Were guessing this is to make it easier to perform any maintenance that might be needed on any of the trains at any time
  16. New pictures have been uploaded into the photo gallery http://www.kiDiamondback.com/public/latest/gallery/
  17. New blog entry just posted: Diamondback Alters Kings Island Skyline
  18. Here is a picture from the web cam of the piece that Fear the Offseason was talking about being put into place
  19. That was the hard thing, i couldnt find an image quite like that with that angle and i must have skipped over that one because i didnt even see it. Good find though
  20. Thats a hard call as i was looking at some pictures that i had from ground level and it didnt look that high off the ground but that was only in a picture and the elevation does change from where i took the picture i believe. On the web cam it looks about right to me but still i cant really tell. That is something i will try to look at on the 31st or can anybody tell for sure what the height of the track leading into the station is in comparison to the ground?
  21. ^^ All i can say is that you are gonna have a blast! Not only do you get a Diamondback tour but you also get to go to the park in the winter, see the rides in rehab, and also get to sit and eat in the International Restaurant which offers a great view of International Street. This event is filled with many fun events that will certainly make your day. Also, as many have said before me, even if you were not able to come to the event dont get bummed out and think you are missing everything as there will be many, many PTR as well as photos from the KIC staff so it will be almost like you were actually at the event.
  22. ^^^ Good find, i didnt even notice that until now. Even though were still just under 3 months away, it feels like April 18th is only a few days away which before we know it that will be true. Cant wait to be able to ride this thing, it will be my first ever B&M ride
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