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  1. ^^^The two links I am giving you go to the member profiles of the two people I was talking about who are both ride op's on Diamondback. Both have pictures of themselves on their profiles, Gabriel (Gabe for short) is the one you saw as you can see in the picture. Captain Nemo Cory Butcher
  2. ^^The Gabe you are referring to is Captain Nemo here on the forums. There is also another ride op named Cory who is known as Cory Butcher here on the forums as well. Hope this helps
  3. This is EXACTLY how I feel about the whole situation, at least with the passes groups that were in the main queue already couldn't just jump into the SRL like they are now. Like everybody else has said something needs to be done about the jumping from the main queue to SRL or vice-versa. IMO, they need to start having two security guards posted inside the queue area. I believe that if they have one security guard pretty much at the bottom of the stairs at that turn to watch, it will limit the number of guests jumping from one line to the other as that is the main area in which you see this happening. Also I believe that another needs to be posted INSIDE the queue area, keeping people from trying to reach their friends with ice cream cones, beverages, things like that because I see that way too often and if you try to tell a security guard 1) They aren't even watching the line as they are outside of it and 2) They wont even do anything because they weren't watching and they didn't see it happen. I have been in line for Diamondback many times and have seen guests tell a security guard about a line jumper and that security guard just looks around then walks away and doesn't even care about it. I know what I said about the 2 security guards posted in the queue wont KEEP people from line jumping but I believe it could be an effective way to try to keep the number of line jumpers down.
  4. I wish everyone would leave the Son of Beast alone!!! When I read that, all I thought of was this video . Even better is video right here. Unless this is the one you meant. Sorry Gabriel just had to put this up... No, I posted the one I meant. I hadn't seen the SOB one before you posted it. I wasnt sure if you meant to put the SOB one up and it posted the original one or not. Thats why I asked about it. I think the SOB one is just hysterical though and makes a good point at the same time.
  5. I've been on Zephyr a couple of times when the ride ops were playing Simon Says with the guests on the ride. It was quite fun actually. Last summer my cousin and I were the next ones on Firehawk in Row 5 when all of a sudden the driver started beat boxing and all of the other ops started dancing to "Jump On It" This was one of the days I remember the most from last summer. Also while I was in line for Son of Beast a couple weeks ago the ride op kept saying "Welcome back (insert train color) train, how was your ride?" Of course many people did not respond and his reaction was "Yeah I'll give you a little time to recoup after that ride" then he would say, "Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the Son of Beast, The only ride in Kings Island guaranteed to give you a headache" I laughed at his statement and at the same time I saw pkiboy in the station agreeing but I still dont think its that bad of a ride. Just a normal wooden coaster that beats you around like it should in my opinion
  6. I wish everyone would leave the Son of Beast alone!!! When I read that, all I thought of was this video . Even better is video right here. Unless this is the one you meant. Sorry Gabriel just had to put this up. As for the whole storms and tornadoes situation, I thought it was funny but kind of scary at the same time that I was really close to asking to go up to the park yesterday evening. I think it would have been interesting to see what Kings Islands procedure was for tornadoes first hand but glad I didn't have to experience it. Me and my family were at Texas Roadhouse in Milford when we saw the first storm that went just north of there. We went over to Walmart and right when we got out of the car we heard the sirens start going off and learned that there was a Tornado Warning for South Central Clermont and a funnel had been spotted going towards Bethel. At around a quarter 'til 9 I received a call from my Girlfriend saying that the first storm hit Goshen head on and that it had straight-line winds with it but nothing else. Suddenly around 9 I look out the front doors of Walmart and find that it is PITCH BLACK outside so I tell my mom that I was going out to see it and sure enough just to the North was a HUGE storm and not even a minute after that the Sirens started going off again and we learned that we were the ones under the Tornado Warning this time. After this we raced our ways to our home in Goshen and quickly turned on the TV and sat in the basement. Overall just pouring rain and a little bit of hail was all we got but indeed a very scary situation that unfolded last night and I am most certainly glad that everyone was ok and that nothing major happened to anybody not only on here but everybody else around the area.
  7. Awesome video guys! I am with Kat on this one, I loved the ending and I knew seeing Jackson in that video that he was planning to do something to somehow get on camera and say something like that. Very great video and looking forward to seeing more in the future. I just remembered, I actually knew a couple of the girls you talked to towards the beginning of the video as I also live in Goshen myself. I never thought I would see anybody else from Goshen on any kind of video involving Kings Island or Diamondback but I though it was pretty cool to see them in the video.
  8. 46 for me, I think I can get 4 rides in today. I will be up there in about a half an hour and I am determined to get to at least 50. The reason I'm making it seem hard is because were planning on going to Boomerang Bay and my baby cousin is with us so were spending a lot of time in Nick. I think I can make it though
  9. Had an awesome time Friday. I really wish it wouldve ended up raining but oh well, once the buses started to clear out everything was fine. Those two rides on Zephyr then the one on Shake, Rattle, & Roll were not the best decisions, especially after not feeling well coming off of Flight of Fear. But hey at least we didnt end up like the guy on the exit ramp of Diamondback. We need to get another date set to go and maybe get some more members to come. I had fun Friday despite the crowds and it was nice meeting you also skaterboy!
  10. I think KI Man is talking about when they are not handing out passes and just letting anybody go into the SRL without them which I have seen happen a few times.
  11. When I was at the park last Sunday I did the exact same thing, getting 15 rides in on the day although I kept taking breaks and never really got off and jumped right back in line. After going up to the park Friday and Saturday my ride count on Diamondback went up to 30. Hoping to get to 100 by the end of the season
  12. Awesome PTR Angie! It was nice meeting all of you and I can finally say I semi broke my habit of not introducing myself. When you rode Beast in the morning and went for the second row, me and Sarah I believe were the next train on for the front seat. I had a really great time hanging out with all of you, especially with Drop Tower. I really did think it was funny but that was all my fault for being the real quiet person. Sorry for not meeting back up with you guys, Sarah and I had to leave early and she wanted to ride a couple of rides before we left so I went ahead and let her do that. Glad you had a great time yesterday though and hope to see you and everybody else at the park again sometime soon!
  13. No, Kings Island is not open to the public today. If you wish to visit the park you may do so tomorrow as the park is open from 10-10 with Gold Pass Early Ride Times starting at 9:30. A complete schedule for the park can be found on the parks website by clicking here
  14. Great Trip Report, Kat! Sounds like you had a great time! It was nice to meet you Saturday night with the last rides on Diamondback. I didnt realize so many KIC members were at the park Sunday, I noticed pkiboy and he was the only member I saw. I saw both him and Elissa numerous times in the single rider line for Diamondback but never did go up to introduce myself (I need to break out of that habit) Glad you and your husband both had a good time, hope to see you around the park more this season.
  15. ^^^Yeah and I feel sorry for him and anybody that has to walk up those stairs
  16. I was actually in line in the single rider line when this happened. I felt bad though afterwards because we were all kinda laughing at whoever had to walk up the stairs to talk to you guys because he made the mistake of running up the stairs when he first started so he was worn out before he was halfway to the train. But we all ended up cheering for him when he got back in the station to congratulate him for that. Off topic but went in the single rider line all day and got 15 rides on Diamondback today alone!
  17. I was wondering if the skateboards and bikes were a sign of an event coming to the park. I guess I was right.
  18. I ended up riding Diamondback 3 times yesterday. I rode in row 4 with my dad the first ride, row 11 on my second ride with my mom, and row 3 on my last ride with my girlfriend. From the moment I entered the line for Diamondback to the time I got off I had a VERY big smile on my face. The first ride was awesome, it gave excellent airtime, speed, and a smooth and comfortable ride and the other two rides were no different. I now think in my opinion that Diamondback is the best ride in the park, even better than Beast and Drop Tower, and especially with the first drop more thrilling. I was glad when I saw Don Helbig and Greg Scheid in the station that literally everybody getting off the ride looked at them and said "good ride gentlemen" "fantastic ride" things like that. Its comments like that that make the park very, very happy and I could see both smile from all of the comments given to them. Also not only do I think its the best ride in the park, my dad does also. My dad started coming to the park at the age of 15 when The Beast first opened in 1979. He has loved The Beast ever since then and now, especially '07 and '08 that is all he would ride at the park because he liked it so much. When we hit the final brakes of Diamondback on our first ride he was shaking his arm and yelling "awesome ride!" and it really put an even bigger smile on my face. He ended up riding Diamondback 4 times yesterday and didn't ride The Beast at all and said that Diamondback is now his new favorite ride at Kings Island.
  19. Im just like pkiruler102, very quiet and i will say it kind of shy still about just going up and talking to new people, no offense. But I did see many familiar faces but only spoke to 2. I saw: Gordon Bombay (On way out of D-Back) CoastersRZ (While in line for Invertigo) Avatar about 3 or 4 times rotag1299 (With his KICentral shirt) Then I believe it was Dvo that rode in the row behind me on D-Back that I talked to real quickly Then saw all of these people while in line for D-Back: violakat03 pkiruler102 Kawana Beast1979 Trooper Mom Cory Butcher gigacoaster2k TopGun1993 IChase Zosobeast Don Helbig (Outside of main queue) I probably saw many more members but I didnt know exactly who they were and sorry to all the people who I mentioned that I didnt talk to, like I said I've always been kind of a shy person of going up and talking to people from the forums, I'll try to get better at that. Nice seeing everybody at the park though
  20. I think the fastest path would be to go all the way down International Street. At the International Showplace Theater go right towards Nick U, when you come up to the Blue Ice Cream place take a left going in front of that place and at Central Grill take a left and Diamondback is right there. Hope this helps
  21. Hey everybody I just found the Live Entertainment Schedule on the KI website. This includes the Show Times to Down Home Country and Marty's Party. Down Home Country Show Times: 1:00, 2:00, 3:30, 5:00, and 6:00 Marty's Party Show Times: 12:30, 1:30, 3:00, and 4:00 The whole schedule for Opening Day on Saturday can be found by clicking here
  22. 1) Avatar 2) TG93 3) VortexJunkie 4) Diamondback FOF 5) Goofywdw 6) Ki4life08 7) Beast1979 8) dare-to-fly 9) The Beast Rider 10) coasterguy15 11) Raptor 12)markhudson17 13)need_for_speed 14)wide_load 15) Bravo4460 16) AgentSoB (at about 5:00 have to freakin work mad.gif ) 17) Amber ( and family ) 18)angrybeaver 19)indianapolisman 20) SOBFOF 21) HTCO(with friends) 22)Phantom Theater! (With a friend) 23) CedarPointer 24)G-Force (In the morning and the evening) 25)Skywriter-Family 26)Justin M17 27) FFEKUdawg4life, i have all day 28)catzdrummer09 29) Andrew 30)rotag1299 31) derek9312 (With girlfriend and maybe family)
  23. I was just looking through the Kings Island website and thought I would just look at random stuff to pass time and ended up finding the Gold Pass Perks for 2009. Everything pretty much the same but a couple things have been added and looking at this I can tell it will be a good year to be a Gold or Platinum Passholder Click Here for 2009 Gold Pass Perks
  24. For me its more like all of my school based projects period are on Kings Island
  25. I had 34 visits as seen in my signature. This year I dont see any reason why it should be different I hope to have as much or even more visits this season than I did in 2008. April 18th just cant come soon enough
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