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  1. Finally we get to see how the construction of the final helix is doing, here is a pic from the webcam as of 4:00
  2. Glad to hear im not the only person the webcam is stuck for.
  3. Something to look forward to possible seeing on the 31st, i was wondering if they would announce when the trains arrived or if they would keep it a secret. Hopefully some if not all parts of the trains will be at the park on the 31st but we will just have to wait and see
  4. Yeah but April 17th is for gold and platinum passholders only. Don is most likely saying the 18th because that is the first official operating day for the general public. If the date is still not shown by the 31st that is just one thing that we will have to ask Don to confirm for us
  5. Edit: Racerrider beat me. Processing dates before the park opens for the season will be announced on a later date and will most likely start in mid to late March or early April but as Racerrider said if you were a 2008 Platinum Passholder all you have to do is go up to the sales building, pay the renewal fee, and let them transfer all information to 2009 and your on your way without having to take a picture or anything
  6. About which: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?...st&p=256985 Oh sorry Terp, completely forgot about that topic
  7. ^^^Hey thats a tradition for my family to go out on Thanksgiving to Golden Corral then we have an actual dinner that weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to the whole KICentral community and i can finally say i am 15 years old after today
  8. I will be going as well today with my girlfriend, hope to see everybody up there today for one last time of the year and hope to have a very memorable day today as i will no doubt. I will have a black long sleeved Goshen Warriors Basketball shirt and my sweatshirt will be the same thing also, if you happen to see me feel free to come up and say hi, i would be glad to meet some of the people here and put faces to names on the forums
  9. Im another crazy nutcase, 28 times so far and i will for sure get visit 29 later today and will have 30+ by the time the season ends
  10. The shadow that is just to the left of the first lift support is for this support here. The shadow that goes between the first lift support is the shadow of the new crane.
  11. Great TR Ronny, couldn't have been any better. As always excellent photos and it was nice to meet you. I had a great time at the event and im still trying to find the perfect spot to put my new teaser sign. Cant say it enough, thanks to everybody involved in making Saturday such a fun filled day, it was a great time and i hope we can do it again next year
  12. I would like to thank everyone from Kings Island and KICentral for making yesterday such a fantastic day at the park. It was nice to see everyone from the site at the park yesterday and put faces to some of the names. I had a really great time and i know my dad did also. We did so much great things at the park i cant decide what was my favorite part of the day. I would also like to thank the cast of Flashback: Totally 80's for speaking with us and also would like to thank Tony and Jeff for speaking with us also.
  13. sounds awesome, glad my dad decided to go ahead and purchase tickets
  14. standbyme KIfan73 Avatar cat13 Vortexfan92 jessie8 jamesv7 taynes and daughter BavarianBeatle dare-to-fly touchdown62 (and friends, don't know screen names yet) Cory Butcher KIcook304 Gordon Bombay Ogrmac (and friend) derek9312 (and dad)
  15. Well me and my cousin love the song, thats the only way i knew what it was
  16. The Beach Boys making a weird noise? That IS singing. Terpy, never a fan....that was his parents' music, or so he'd like to think... lol it wasn't the Beach Boys that isn't what i meant hahaha, i'll try and describe the sound as best as possible bow-bow bit da da....ba bow-bow bit da da that goes on for like 5 minutes in the song, its someone making the noise in the song, while the actual singer is singing. lol The only song i could think of is Surfin by the Beach Boys
  17. thanks for the pic, glad to see track finally arriving
  18. Well there are some songs that get old but i am probably one of the few people that doesnt have a problem with the soundtrack because i like about 3/4 of the songs on the playlist
  19. My family has a pretty good strategy, we always park right by the exit out of the parking lot, then we can either watch the fireworks from inside the park then only have to wait about 15 minutes from the time we get to the car to the time we finally get on Kings Island Dr or in the past we have sat around in the parking lot and watched the fireworks there and right after the grand finale is done we get in the car and leave right then. The parking lot gives a pretty good view of the whole fireworks show but you cant hear the music very well that is the only down side to it
  20. Girls Night Out showtimes are 5:00, 6:00, 7:30, and 8:30 everyday except Tuesday and Thursday (off day). Tuesdays showtimes are 1:00, 3:00, 4:00, 6:00, and 7:30
  21. Great pics, i wonder what the film crew was for though
  22. Thats impossible if you are talking about SoB, each car only has two rows
  23. Invertigo is the only ride i black out on but that is only if i sit in a certain seat
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