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  1. We are buying Kings Island passes this year instead of Coney passes. More value for us and more stuff to do at a cheaper price. We went ahead and got Platinum passes so that we can make a few long weekend trips up to Cedar Point! One question, do I have to print out the passes for the first time to take to park, or can I bring up the qr code on my phone from the receipt they sent me to get in the park?
  2. Not an active shooter according to this, hit skip accident and the person fled on foot
  3. Kings Island associate tests positive for Covid https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2020/07/08/kings-island-says-associate-has-tested-positive-covid-19/5397519002/
  4. Theres a flurry of activity at the park today from what I see on the Diamondback cam. Lots of vehicles driving around and people walking around Cant wait to visit this year!
  5. Just got an email from Coney. Opening is delayed of course and all passes are valid through end of 2021 season also. https://coneyislandpark.com/ Kinda bummed but happy they expanding passes to 2021 season also.
  6. My wife and I discuss this every year when it comes to passes for our family. Kings Islands is definitely the better deal, but as far as location (we are in Amelia) and the fact that my wife just wants to lay in the pool on a raft or hang out in the deep end of the pool, we ultimately choose Coney because there is no place for my wife to relax at KI in a pool.
  7. Thats good to know. One of my favorite things about Coney is going there and just relaxing in the deep end and people watching. (not trying to be creepy lol)
  8. Not to happy about this. I love the deep end of the pool to float, tread water and relax and get away from all the other people in the pool.
  9. The workers will have a nice pleasant day today to work and get some stuff done.
  10. According to this thread from awhile ago, there are no such bans on flying over or around Kings Island, lol, funny thing is that WCPO is the reason for that thread also!
  11. This coaster is looking better and better. Can't wait to ride it!!
  12. It's going to be wild going down that first drop with it being so low to the ground like that!
  13. Wish I could help you out there. It's pretty well known around Cincinnati that Larosas always taste better at Kings Island or at local festivals. Wife and I found out that if you order from Larosas and get it "well done" it taste nearly identical from Kings Island
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