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  1. Why would Cedar Fair tear down Vortex? It can't be a lack of parts; wouldn't S&S Power make them?
  2. I don't know the story, but the coaster's name is Hayabusa. I do like that name...
  3. Where would Beast valley? The only place I could think of would be anywhere between the second tunnel and the second lift. The second time through the helix seems possible, but just slightly.
  4. While I hate the quality in all those videos cause of the crappy night vision and complaining/talking in the backgrounds on the filmers part, that is rude. I actually like Cornstalkers this year, as some other people do as well, not everyone obviously, people have different taste. I'm sorry, I didn't read enough of this forum to realize, at the very least, that there are a lot of scareactors on here. I didn't mean to be rude at all, and I sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone I have offended.
  5. ^Ah, yes, I forgot about SR&R. That one's definitely a no-go for me. Personally, SoB isn't a TERRIBLE ride- I just never find myself asking my friends if they want to get on it with me. I just force someone to sit in the front seat with me so I'll be conscious for the rest of our time at KI. SoB's daddy, though... I drag EVERYONE with me into the back car.
  6. To anyone who went to HH already, was this year's CornStalkers any better than TOPGUN1993's YouTube video experience from last year? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO6Xf6Izk2c Cause a friend of mine that told me that she's going to make me go through a couple of the Haunts (and I HATE Halloween), and I told her she's gonna have to take me through CornStalkers first cause I wanna rawr back at the scareactors if it's as crappalicious as the video.
  7. I just realized I never actually responded to this topic. The only rides I really WON'T go on at KI are Scrambler and Monster. Fair-type rides make me sick... I guess it's just the main concentration on spinning that bothers me. Delirium doesn't give me any problems at all!
  8. ^ Well, honestly, it seems like that's just about all that stupid bump does! I really don't see why they couldn't leave it off and have the restraint come that much farther down!
  9. Ohh Come on the Crypt is awesome! I've been in many a more painful restraint then Crypt. your also like 10. and its different for younger kids than older people. i used to ride it untill........nvm 12, and I'd still ride it no matter the restraint. sorry. and mabye you will but me and alot of my other friends wont cayse it hurts way to badly. I'm 16 AND male, and I do just fine on The Crypt. Just make sure you pull the restraint down as far as it will comfortably go and you should have no issues (unless you're REALLY skinny, in which case I wouldn't suggest riding it). Leaving room for you to move around under that restraint gives that little crotch-assassin bump on the bottom of the restrain the chance to attack every time the vehicle suddenly locks. (By the way, hi everyone!)
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