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  1. I haven't been able to go to the park that often due to traveling every weekend since effectively Memorial Day weekend. However, I was able to swing by a few times and using my experience I can probably make a decent guesstimate that this will be a family slide area a la Safari Sam's Splashland. Why? The waterpark has been expanding alot in line with the older audiences and for fair amount of time without adding something new for the kids. I would be upset, but not shocked if the pirate ship goes with it as the pump house for the kid's area is being used for practically 4 separate water districts in that section of the park. (Look Out Lagoon, Castaway Cove, Mondo and Aruba Tuba) Lookout being the pirate ship which has been dated even since the mid 2000's Boomerang Bay, so it's not too far out of the way to see a new family/childrens area to replace it. Seeing a Boomerango would be fun for what the park has been lacking, modern unique water slides that aren't just a slide complex. Packages like what has been mentioned are what CF loves when it comes to waterparks. However, I'm going to allude to my largest gripe with Orion: placement. Sure, it would be perfect next to mondo, but you effectively cordon off the kid's area which could become a new family hub where you could add in the Boomerango near old pipeline paradise (RIP). or perhaps in the field near Breakers which would more than likely call for the need to move Columbia/tunnel for park expansion once the back half has been filled. Mind you, the Tropical plunge addition was already in the books in 2014 (iirc) and the ride was announced for 2016, so whatever is coming was already set in stone years ago. I have been a strong advocate for a water coaster behind Pineapple Plunge, with the terrain having a pretty sizeable drop it's a no brainer to have effectively the water coaster equivalent of The Beast in the waterpark. Will we get it? Probably not, but IMO I think it's a no brainer that the park has been leaving off the board for quite sometime. The last parting gift for now is a simple issue the waterpark has yet to remedy: staffing. The attractions they would add would need staffing, Boomerango probably would be a 4-person team, something like a small white water west kids slide area probably close to 3. For a waterpark that has a chronic drain issue with their guards for reasons I won't get into, staffing is the biggest hurdle the park needs to accomplish.
  2. Not Kings Island BUT we got a 21 and colder at CP, it looks like they have themed drinks so we may get a Banshee berry mixed drink?? (upset that it took away a stand to get cheese on a stick though)
  3. Does anyone know when Progressive started advertising on the Antiques? I enjoyed all of the signs they used to have, I’m somewhat upset that the classic charm has been taken away by a few progressive signs.
  4. You know, I went searching for a SC topic on KIC to post about the anniversary here, low and behold my cringey 2012 self made one for me. (Again I apologize for anyone who had to deal with me back then, I too lose brain cells every time I see my old posts) Something that Ryan & Don talked about on Tower Topics and something that I’m surprised the park hasn’t talked about is the waterpark’s 35th anniversary. Hopefully the park could bring some throwback merchandise/signs to the WW/BB eras or some form of recognition for the anniversary. IMO Soak City has been seriously lacking in merchandise variety for years now, so it would be refreshing to see something new come for the 35th. Just a brief on the slide anniversaries this year: Paradise Plunge, Tropical Twister, Pineapple Pipeline, Splash River & Thunder Falls 35 years (Water Works ‘89) Rendezvous Run, Mondo Monsoon, Coconut Cove, Splash Landing 20 years (Boomerang Bay ‘04)
  5. So correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen fundraising shifts like this at KI. Could this be their response to the lack of workers in the spring/early summer?
  6. The fact that they’ve been working on it for so long speaks to how impressive it should turn out. I’m optimistic that the park can pull it off with the nighttime lagoon show, I’m just hoping I’m able to see it as I’m typically in IOA riding Velocicoaster at night.
  7. Looks like we may get an announcement on the next tribute store for the summer on the 29th. From what you could see in the preview it looks like Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, Jaws and maybe Back to the Future? Definitely excited to check out the new tribute store, any guesses on when it will open up?
  8. Did anyone else notice the issues with the loudspeakers in the park today? Banshee's Station Opp comm system wasn't working for the first part of the day, Adventure Port's mix had some audio squelching every few minutes on certain notes/keys. Definitely was more noticeable on the deck at Enrique's than the walking path.
  9. Ditto, honestly was surprised when I saw it back at the Sweet Spot. If they could offer some baking supplies IE biscuits, cobbler mix, etc. . I think they could seriously drive sales with buy one get one half off or packages like what Knotts does online.
  10. ^Let us know how it is. I almost went for it but decided to hold back for what I know is good.
  11. Did I buy the hot sauce? Not yet, but I did get some syrup and jam!
  12. Enrique’s has Pineapple chunks for their burritos and they’re really good, same portions for the burritos. However heads up for the foodies, drink plans have been working sporadically. My drink plan didn’t show up at Enrique’s I’m going to try some other locations. Update- worked at Coney BBQ!
  13. New hats! Also there’s still boysenberry goodies at the sweet spot!
  14. Shipping container bar is still in Action Zone which I’m actually shocked it’s still here and in operation.
  15. I am far beyond the ACE fanboy who wears a jean jacket with every patch from their favorite coasters who have their top 32 steel or wood off the top of their head; or can be caught dead wearing a coaster shirt to a theme park. I elected to un renew my GOCC, I elected to not do coaster events as I actually got bored of the politics in it and I felt like it was getting repetitive for my tastes to go every year. If that's for you that's great and I wish all the best for you, but it's definitely not me anymore. I worked at the park, I frequent the park as a guest , but in no way shape or form am I in the cavalcade of fanboy enthusiasts any more after going into the corporate world as frankly I just simply do not have the time nor effort to put in effort to do so. I spend close to $400.00 some odd dollars for a product with addons that I believed had the same value as the product I bought literally right after I left KI because I loved the advent of having free access to other parks. I have a pass for USO I use quite regularly, which I know gets me certain perks and a clearly defined benefits package. It's a different cadre of benefits to what CF can offer sure but in years past having a CF Platinum Pass gave you these benefits we have been talking about here. If they told me "Access to other park events may be pendant on your home park gold pass" at the beginning of this, I think I would be far more mute on my concerns. I had no intention on going to the CP event, but I understand where people are coming from however I like to know what my money actually gets me as every benefit adds some intrinsic value. Calling customers or better yet enthusiasts who basically already shill for the park enough ad homenems for a switch up of the norms for a pretty large coaster is honestly sad. If you have such an issue with the enthusiast group just read the thread like I have and maybe, possibly, sowing dissent but not going out attacking people on it. If you have time to come to KIC and throw dissent at people, effectively calling them whiny enthusiasts to make some sick point which I still don't understand why you even needed to say that, at people for being upset about something you don't care about and go into depth on it, why not use that time to be more productive than to post on a forum? Yes, I understand park staffing, yes I know quite well park politics, also I know how important this coaster is to CP moving forward. While yes, it may upset people that they won't be able to get in, it's also a logistics issue that the park was not able to rectify. I would even go as far as to argue to create a Gold Pass All Park Passport Day to celebrate all of the new park passport passholders as I can really see that being a hit with all of the passholders in general. I know it sucks, I know it's rough when you already planned for this so far out, but the powers that be decided to do this. At this point, if the chain wants to go this route then looking at where I renew is something I should be taking in consideration. (A topic Ryan brought up in the Tower Topics podcast and I 100% agree)
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