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  1. I like buying shirts for the rides that I really like (Maverick Millenium Dragster Diamondback FoF Beast) so there for I can not buy a shirt for Banshee til I actually ride it.

    Hopefully they have lower prices by then or at least a goldpass discount. We were looking at the Banshee shirts today over where its being built. Something like 16 to 18 for shirts, I personally like the 16 dollar ones better, the hoodies are around 35 dollars ( I like the grey with black print). We decided to wait to buy them but I know my wife would have bought at least 5 for Christmas presents if we had goldpass discounts there, I am going to buy that hoodie for Haunt! My wife and kids ate Banshee twists while I rode Delirium, I'm on a health kick right now so it was a good ride to avoid temptation. It did look pretty though!

    Yeah I don't know why this post showed up so much later than when I wrote it. People were actually talking about the Banshee shirts when I wrote it. Also not sure why I can't change my pic to a picture of Mavericks first hill. Keeps saying file is to large. Maybe because I'm on my Mobil

    There is a 100kb limit for profile images. Go into photoshop or Microsoft Paint (if your on a mac, I'm sure they have something built in) and crop the image smaller.

  2. I'm not sure if anyone's posted this pic yet or not I don't remember seeing it anywhere.


    The brake that is the highest off the track (first brake to the right) is a magnetic one. The rest are friction brakes. There are also one or two more magnetic brakes behind the blue transfer track piece.
  3. I don't remember them saying such a thing, but going off how there aren't any trims in the animation and Diamondback had a trim in the animation that held true to the final construction, I'm going to assume there is no trim!

    Behemoth also held true to the animation. Though, one CAN be added after opening or after testing.

    Behemoth only uses one of the trims sometimes during the day (during the night, its usually trimless).

  4. Should have been an Intamin Maverick type coaster... Inverts are a thing of the past...I believe a complete idiot chose this coaster.

    If a complete idiot chose this coaster, you are calling all Cedar Fair executives idiots (including Matt; the CEO) as they have to approve all investments for the parks within the chain.

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  5. I have been trying to get my husband to go to the park after he gets off of work for the announcement. And he told me that this morning on 700 WLW someone from KI said that the new ride was going to be a wing ride called Banshee and that Flight Commander was in fact being rethemed to The Bat.

    Now, I know this is old news here. But I wonder if it was someone here calling in or actually someone from Kings Island that was interviewed. I don't exactly believe my husband lol. Why would they have confirmed that hours before that actual announcement?

    News publishers probably already know the in's and out's of this coaster.

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