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  1. Direct your attention to this photo that was posted earlier:

    If we do not get a wing coaster, what do you think the odds are that these height, speed, and inversion statistics are correct for what we DO get?

    199 foot lift hill?

    Why not add at least another foot to make it 200. The public would see 199 and 200 as very different heights/numbers. :P

    EDIT: Beat by Kirbias1

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  2. ^You can see the part where the support would be attached in the top right track piece. One the track piece below it, you can see the rails.

    EDIT: There is a video on Youtube that shows the exact same track from 2012. I will not post it here for obvious reasons.

  3. I love how no one has noticed the green pieces of track at the way back of CSF (I'm not talking about the single piece of green track). ;)

    That doesn't look all too much like track. I can tell because of the pixels.

    That is defiantly track.

  4. OOH I just thought of something!!! In one of the pics I took at CSF yesterday someone on here pointed out a black track piece in the back! Well The Bat was shown to have black track!!!

    Something to think about :) could mean nothing, could mean something. Lemme get online and I will post the pic again :)

    Wouldn't surprise me if the 2014 website was put together today and the black track was a result of the picture of black track posted here.

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  5. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/2014/the-latest/renderings

    =Diamond Back Concept Art


    =WindSeeker POV


    =Gatekeeper Concept Art

    Somebody hit the wrong button.

    Or it was done on purpose to throw us off...

    There is no way this is real....It WAS done to throw people off.

    EDIT: What does "FPO" mean on the Gatekeeper concept art?

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  6. And another thing. Have you guys noticed how the last 2 Cedar Fair roller coaster announcements went?

    Leviathan: Announced at 7am on a morning television show (lasted about 5-10 minutes).

    Gatekeeper: Pretty much a big speech and nothing else.

    From what it looks like, Kings Island is putting a lot of effort into this announcement, Why? Well, with Leviathan and Gatekeeper, they were quite impressive roller coasters (Leviathan: first giga in Canada and first B&M giga; Gatekeeper: Broke several records, IMO has a good sequence of elements, and the front entrance was still completely redone)

    If this is the showing of any trend for Cedar Fair, Kings Island is making a huge announcement in order to make the roller coaster look way better than it really is.

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  7. It seems to me if the blueprints are fake in some way, then that would imply there are other people involved in the whole ruse besides just KI. I mean, wouldn't the City of Mason be involved, too? Why would they allow KI to file fake documents for a real project? After all, the blueprints are public record, of which news outlets were able to obtain copies. If the City of Mason had copies of the REAL blueprints, wouldn't those be public record, too? So why would KI be so adamant about keeping this all a huge secret? It seems like more trouble than it would be worth.

    It's one thing to mess around with the public's perception about something, but I'd think it was something totally different when it comes to legal documents.

    The City of Mason could easily be involved if KI really wanted them to. Honestly, by looking at the blue prints, I do not understand how this coaster can be a world recorded breaker for something other than a record like: "Longest Inverted Coaster in the world". The layout really disappoints me and I am hoping its a fake.

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  8. why go through the trouble bro. Ki has more important stuff to do than trick enthusiasts.

    News papers have speculated before (ala Gatekeeper) as a result of a "marketing leak" which would then spread the word to almost everyone who read/watches the news.

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