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  1. I'm not a big fan of eating at Subway in the dry side of the park. But, for some reason I enjoy eating there at Soak City. I haven't seen the Coney Mall Subway open yet this year. Does anyone have any information on whether the Soak City Subway is open? Thanks in advance. (Please keep the "Im sure someone does" comments to yourself)
  2. Just a heads up for everyone. If you ride Banshee in the rain, you will get grease, oil, or whatever is on the train dripped on you. On Friday, one of my favorite t shirts got ruined. Not knocking the ride at all. Just letting you all know.
  3. Looks like Banshee Brew will be returning in May!!! I got a response on twitter @Nathan90210 I don't know how to link anything.
  4. Thank you Kings Island for offering a 20$ designated driver ticket for the Banshee Beer Fest!!!! I know its wrong to assume, but, I assume that ticket includes the food. If anyone knows the details, please let us know.
  5. I'm on vacation this week, so a buddy and I went to the park today. Here are a few things... Rode Surf Dog for the first time. It is a way fun ride!!!!!!! The last rows on FoF are now (not sure how to say this) operational. At the front gate, they have an updated pamphlet detailing what is available for the season long meal plan. Almost every ride was a walk on. Also, I have a question.. I want to go to the park for ERT. But, I will be going there by myself and I'm worried if I'll be looked at as creepy. Is that weird?
  6. Kings Island website has already updated Heinz as a sponsor. Prairie Farms was added as well. (New Yogurt place?)
  7. I know, isn't it great? When you wave, it waves...amazing
  8. Wow, snark on snark on snark. Is no one allowed to take a joke? Jeez
  9. Ohiou? Ohio University is a state university based in Athens, Ohio. Therefore, it should always be capitalized. Bobcats!!!!
  10. I don't post often. But, I have a good feeling a about this one. In honor of The Bat returning, the blue car on The Racer will run backwards again. (teaser tweet about which Racer car is your favorite) And a return on one hour ert
  11. Why should i see Ron Johnson? I thought he was a "stereo consultant" (Fast Times at Ridgemont High reference) First post, please be nice.
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