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  1. The 10 pm event is the death of a horrid coaster and the rising of a new great coaster.
  2. There are a few things wrong in that video....the biggest one being that the entire layout is mirrored to what the blueprints show... Also, Screamscape is no reporting that Flight Deck might be renamed The Bat because the Flight Deck logos on the trains have been removed. Really?!?! On another note, it sucks that people like me (who live far away from the park) can't see anything from the webcams because of the weather... How many acres is the site in question?
  3. How in the world would that work? Couldn't help it.
  4. I hope that this ride is not trimmed I would hope it is trimmed, so they can run 3 trains and not 2. Or just have a secondary break segment.
  5. Easy one: " bathrooms are being built next to Flight of Fear"
  6. Sweet mother of mayhem, please tell me you aren't serious. I am very serious If restored to Shooting Star specifications, yes it would be awesome and rival The Beast.
  7. A reverse in topic, could Vortex trains be reversed, like with Jokers Revenge?
  8. I hope that this ride is not trimmed
  9. Delirium.......since you don't end up digesting bugs by the end of the ride.
  10. Overall this is what one can deduce so far Height:? Length: .75-1 mile Inversions: 5-6 ( 2 loops, batwing, at least one zero g roll) Mock up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uT2dYfd49M&feature=c4-overview&list=UUGQ-GoleMI5SnqLSyfmIT0Q
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