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  1. As long as people are willing to pay nearly the same amount as my season pass for one day of skipping the lines, I say more power to them! I’d much rather KI make money off them than off me ;) but ultimately, I want the park to make money and survive.

    Of course I’m fortunate enough to be able to visit so often I can pay off my pass with the change I find on the ground throughout the year, and if I encounter a line longer than ten minutes I usually choose to keep walking rather than wait. 

    Also, it has been extremely rare that I’ve seen people with Fast Lane riding the same ride over and over. Usually they do it once or twice before moving on to something else.

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  2. Like Mystic Timbers I suspect there will be a cart or stand near the exit to sell merchandise for the new coaster (and hey, maybe FoF too, a girl can hope). Then the majority of the merchandise will be in Emporium and the other shops. 

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  3. There’s also a road that runs behind there in the woods that goes past the new pole barn they built. We watched some vehicles enter through there from the tower. There is plenty of room they could just park in the woods or even maybe put in that barn

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  4. I’m at the park now. I’ll try to update on what I see as early as I can. Doubt I’ll get any good pics from the distance I’d need but I’ll do what I can if nobody does it better/sooner

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  5. We’ve discussed it. Basically the numbers seem to be the number of years that ride operated and the letters are state abbreviations, but we never really nailed down a good significance of the states chosen. 

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  6. It’s pretty cool that it appears costumed stiltwalkers will be on International Street. I realized the spooky potential of that when I happened to walk up International Street one evening during Carnivale starting off somewhat ahead of one of the German stiltwalkers going the same way. Even when it’s just a nice young guy in lederhosen, the sound as those long steps get closer and closer is exceedingly ominous! I think I have the possibility of being genuinely spooked some at this year’s Haunt :) 

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  7. After his restraint was checked on AE, the teen in front of me looked to the one next to him and said “wait, is this a ride?”

    In the same group of teens, the spokesperson (only one who had ever been to KI before from what I could tell, but her awareness was pretty sketchy) went on to explain its just a gentle train ride through the woods, nothing to be afraid of: “I mean, it’s called the (sing-songy voice) Adventure Express!” 

    She kept apologizing to the others through the whole ride, saying she didn’t know :)

  8. One big difference between Haunt and any other part of the year is the no re-entry rule. You can’t come and go to your vehicle once you enter for Haunt, you will need to take in everything you think you will need for the night. I believe you may be allowed to leave and return in the first hour of Haunt festivities (so between 6 and 7).

    It can be a little annoying because, especially the first couple weeks of Haunt, you may be most comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt at 6 but want pants, jacket, a hat, and gloves by the end of the night. But it’s better to know you need to plan ahead for that than to find out you can’t go grab stuff once you’re in the park. 

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  9. I do think it is just theming because there is a similar notice posted over on the Fast Lane side, where it can be read, that is basically about “cleaning up waste” and signed “V. Oban” (Voban is what they use to soak up protein spills at the park). But I really do wish I could read it. It’s just a little too far for my eyes and a little too dark for my phone. 

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  10. So, it’s probably not related but I don’t recall this printer with a memo being in the FoF queue in previous years. But, I can’t quite read it with my eyes and it looks even worse with my cell camera because it is terrible in low light (flash didn’t help with legibility).


    Anybody with a better camera/eyes able to see what it says?

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  11. 5 hours ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    Maybe this is a hint... tape and teasers... hmm... maybe Don ran out of that magical tape on the teasers and needs more...


    Since it was on his personal account, not the official KI one, it’s pretty safe to say he was making a joke. Hence the spittake gif I responded ;)

    It almost definitely was a reference to the tape on the posters (and the way people have reacted to it) but it wasn’t likely a clue.

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  12. I don’t think there is a magic number for that. I assume they already have their timeline prepared, and they aren’t going to base it on the vagaries of social media engagement. 

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