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  1. Can somebody refresh my memory on Mystic Timbers’ name getting spoiled, cuz I was kind of Ms. MT and I don’t recall that. Granted my memory is crap. But all I remember is looking it up after the announcement and only finding a vaguely Mary Jane friendly company having any association with the name...

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  2. Got word from a friend at the park what I left in the box was still there (he is going to add something as well) so it really does seem like we’re the only ones showing interest or notice in the boxes...

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

    Does anyone think tomorrow morning they'll have one final clue for the news media? Heck! Maybe tomorrow will be WCPO's turn. Maybe John Matarese going?

    I definitely think they will be. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is John Matarese. 

    I wonder if anyone thought to check the box where I left presents last night, because it seems like the only people who took any notice of the continued existence of the boxes were from KIC, and nobody has fessed up to being at the park today :)

    edit: as for the tins, I’m pretty sure those were in the other boxes too. I am going to see if I can track down the videos and see if they ever addressed them...

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Phantom Theater said:

    That sounds awesome, I can’t wait to see what they do. For all of you who live close by, I am forever jealous. I’m really expecting a story of some kind but i don’t know if CF would do something like that. 

    They have for several I can think of in recent memory, including MT. Although other than the visual story in the announcement (of the park being overcome by plants) most of the plot wasn’t told until media day. 

    And living close by (and not having a “normal” job, so I can set my own hours) really is pretty sweet, I’ll admit :) 

    Although I don’t think it’s going to do much to get me access to the big show tomorrow night, because I personally can’t take standing in a non-moving line for as long as I suspect I would need to, to be one of the ones to make it into the relatively small space they’re using for the announcement. Maybe I’m wrong and they’ll open up alongside Racer, and there will be places we can still see or hear by the time everyone gets in. From viewing the setup yesterday I don’t think so (it seems to me the CHAOS building would block nearly all of that area from seeing the screen). Oh well, I’ll be at the park, and get to be part of the excitement, regardless. 

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  5. 36 minutes ago, DubVLegend said:

    @Magenta Lizard were you able to see anything in h lockbox when you were trying to crack the code?

    Well I mean, once they removed the lock, it could be opened, so yeah. Right now there’s a present from me to whoever checks it next

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  6. Ok so the code is not:


























    or the b-word :)

    edit: or Chris 

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Fye Coasters said:

    try BEAST 

    Since taking “a minute” is too much trouble I will no longer be double checking your suggestions, so don’t worry about making them. 

    If anyone is willing to check if their idea fits, please let me know. Thanks. 

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  8. Weird, I just saw a couple employees of Clark Reder come out of the gates near the lockers, and one took a photo of the support of the FoF overhang support flange. Probably because of the planned queue reroute?image.jpg


    and if anyone wants to suggest lock codes for me to try, here’s the letters





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  9. Ok well in addition to the main stage there is a secondary stage/walkway?93B069D1-5A51-446E-941F-2AF6E4DBBFBD.jpegF586ABB0-78DA-489E-89F2-50A84AAFEADC.jpeg3750401A-B594-464D-90CF-AC4F6657D5F0.jpeg

    also up lights under the postersimage.jpg

    the lockbox opened on the news is still here. “Coney” is not the code :)5B4C1BE5-C6EF-4950-809D-7FFAC5B08D71.jpeg

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  10. Well if anyone wants to quibble it isn’t a Giga because it isn’t tall enough, then it’s the world’s tallest Hyper. That sounds cooler than shortest Giga anyway.

    I personally don’t care what it’s called, I care how it rides. 

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  11. Ok, so due to their new teasing I am thinking of names along the line of “Impact”, “Crater”, “Meteor”, “Asteroid”, “Apophis.”

    edit: it also makes me come back to thinking just calling it “Shooting Star” wouldn’t be the worst. 

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