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I'm just saying, We all know what the dancing kitties look like,

most people do not want their memories refreshed.

Well the same could be said for many things:

I'm just saying, We all know what kind of stuff you post here,

most members do not want their memories refreshed.

That would be the first thing that came to my mind...

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Please don't post pics! They scare me! ;)

Be careful what you say! That winking emoticon represents sarcasm, remember?

So in that case....

Why did someone have to teach him that? ;) Now it's showing up in every post!

I showed it to him so he could convey sarcasm or know when someone is being sarcastic.

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Yep, look at that line indeed. Bare Bones nights were so empty, and this was with Halloween Haunt being included with season passes. I just don't see how the park could have possibly even broken even, much less made money. Not even thinking about it being an upcharge attraction.

And yes, the queue televisions leave a LOT to be desired.

Am I the only one who finds the Chili Vision signs incredibly hysterical? For some reason, they always remind me of the technicolor deposit into a porcelain throne...not something I'd want to remind people of if I were Skyline...Nor would I want my advertising attached to such a poorly presented product as Q Tv is at Kings Island.

Bare Bones Nights were a success. Will they come back next year? Maybe, maybe not. Halloween is on a Friday, so they'll probably just keep KI open Oct 31st, November 1st, and 2nd.

I hope you are right i really like going up in November after all the Halloween Festivities are over and the park has sort of died down a bit.

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