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Kings Island Opening Day!

Ki Man

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Anyone know if lines are shorter on opening day? :huh:

Yes, lines will be shorter on opening day.

They always are. Most of the rides are all walk-ons.

I also predict that the weather will be sunny and 75.

Don't worry about parking either, since the attendence is down, there will not be any hold-ups at the parking booths.

Same goes for season pass processing. The first day is never busy, so don't expect a wait for processing.

You're usually not one for sarcasm, that's Uncle Henery. . .

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Allright! I managed to pull some strings, so I'll definately be able to make the meet up..So, is anyone actually planning this, or are we just imropving? I'll go to Drop Zone/Tower at 10am if we want to go with that plan.

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Racer-10 (at most)

Vortex-15 (at most)




Adventure Express- 5

Viking Fury- 2


Drop Tower- 5-10

Invertigo- 25-30

Flight Deck- 5

SOB- 15-20


I hope angrymobeaver is right because I want to ride alot on Sunday.

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I'll be there opening day! I can't wait! I had to beg and plead to get ONE lousy weekend off from work and luckily opening day fell on this particular weekend. Although I didn't mention that when I asked for this weekend off......;)

Usually we hit Drop Zone...err....Drop Tower first (I still don't think I'll ever be able to switch names!lol) but I think we may head over to Rivertown first this year. Maybe even Nick U...I haven't been back that way in awhile.

When you guys all go to Kings Island do you usually have an order that you like to go in? Just curious....we usually hit everything in the same order every time we go. It usually goes:

1)Drop Tower(just to get that ohmygodijustpeedmypants feeling right from the start ;)

2)Flight Deck



5)Adventure Express

6)Racer (always backwards but I guess this year we don't have a choice!)






Those are just the coasters though...we usually try to sprinkle in a couple of other smaller rides if it's not too crowded. We always try to go on the bumper cars and Scooby Doo if we have time. I didn't include BLSC or Invertigo in there because we usually never ride those. Invertigo...because it always seems like it makes somebody in my family feel like they are going to pass out when they ride it. Including me and that has NEVER happened on any other coaster! And BLSC just because it's not that great...a couple of times a year for that one is okay with me. And of course we end up running halfway around the park towards the end of the day trying to get those last minute second or third rides in on Delirium,Firehawk,Drop Tower or Beast.

And our tradition is that we always have to ride The Beast at night or at dusk if we can. There is absolutely NOTHING like riding The Beast when you can't see where you are going...not to mention the warm summer night air blowing in your face....awesome!


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It's 7:30 here in Columbus and I'm loading up the truck. It's been 5 months for a coaster ride. I told folks at work I was going to have a meeting with my chiropractor this weekend, when they ask who he was I said "The Beast" and "SOB"!. Little rain is not going to stop me today!

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I was there. Seemed a little crowded to me but otherwise a good first day. Rode The Beast first, then Vortex, Red Racer, SOB and Flight Deck. All the Woodies seemed real smooth to me, Sonny was the worse with Red Racer tracking real good. They were racing the trains but seemed the blue train was much faster. I would say a good first day.

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i got there at like 8ish this morning, and waited at the south entrance (we were like the 4th car in, the nissan with florida tags and the stupid stripe sticker things on the side for anybody who was there) we got through season pass processing quick, and were first in line at the metal detector, then waited in line over by the Action Zone until they moved the rope, then mad sprinted to Firehawk (fyi, don't sprint in converse) we ended up first on the second train which is good enough for me, then walked on FOF, and waited for like 5 mins for ITJ or BSC i dunno. lol. then just because i haven't ridden it since like middle school went and did the action theater, and scooby doo, then checked out the construction, rode top gear and Adventure Express and by that time we were tired and sick of the rain. i was shocked at how empty the park seemed but how full the parking lot was, and then seeing the processing line backed all the way out almost into parking spaces was nuts (good thing i got there early)

not a bad day, i got to ride the few things is really wanted to ride sans TR:TR, which hopefully when i go in a few weeks will be open. definitely cant wait to see whats coming next year.

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