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Track OnSite at Kings Island


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Ohhhhhhhhhh my goodness!

Yes, the snakeeye in the top righthand corner is VERY interesting!!

36 years in the making?That would bring us back to 1973?

Kentons Cove Keelboat Canal, Bayern Curve,SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL ( a few snake terms), all opened that year..

HMMMMM.. I really dont think Ill be able to wait 15 days..

EDIT: The only thing the 3 pictures/videos lead me to think of is the movie TREMORS with I think Kevin Bacon and Reba McEntire..

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36 Years in the making. 2009 - 36 = 1973

So if you take the year Kings Island opened and subtract the number of roller coasters (not included Avatar but including the one for next year) and divide by the what FUN closed at today, add the year The Bat was removed, subtract 36 times pi and add the amount of loops SoB used to have (and round up) you get *BREATH* the year the Brady Bunch came to Kings Island.

((1 972 - 14) / 19.4) + 1 984 - (36 * pi) + 1 = 1 972.8305 (or 1973 rounded up)

*EDIT* I actually wanted to post that in the "Rumor coaster for 2009" thread but most of us were reading both anyway.

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It would be cool if Barry Williams and/or Maureen McCormick stopped by to make the announcement ;)

I like this seemingly deliberate appearance of little bits of track in diverse places. It's like smelling the New York Strip in the kitchen, before they bring it out to be savored.

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