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Track OnSite at Kings Island


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WOW this is so great.

I hope the supports are yellow.

I like yellow. =)

Red and yellow?

Like Invertigo...



Iron Dragon


Volcano: The Blast Coaster

Silver? Bullet

I'm sure there's a few more at Cedar Fair parks.

Talon doesn't have any red in it's track scheme,it's similar to Dominator & Behemoth's colors although Dominator used a darker shade of orange.The new KI coaster looks to have a similar shade of red/maroon as Firehawk.

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^ True but also I think it will be a little harder to not notice when its taller than Vortex..

This is getting me all excited! It sucks because I won't be their at 2 to see the big unveiling. I will be on my way home from Cedar Point!! And wn't get their until about 5 or 6

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