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Track OnSite at Kings Island


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I think that the park should set up more of a display with a big countdown clock at the Construction Site where the Signs are now. That will really get people interested for next year even if they don't know about the B&M.

100th Post!

It would be a waste of money, nice idea though.

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Alrighty kids!

Here's 18 pictures from today around the construction sites: http://picasaweb.google.com/kwelch/20080722

I'm very sorry about the poor quality. I wish the iPhone had a zoom. I also wish I had my regular Canon 40D with me.

You've seen the track and the concrete enough so here are two other gems:


A crane already backstage at the park.


A truck on I-71 that might be carrying some of the supports.

After leaving KI today, I got stuck in traffic on I-71 South around the Mason-Montgomery/Fields Ertel area. I saw two or maybe three flatbed trucks headed north on the highway with what were no doubt support pieces for the new coaster. Alas, I was unable to get my iPhone out to snap a picture of the trucks.

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Those look like they could be the supports! It goes with the color of the track!!

One of the flatbeds I saw going north on I-71 had a very large support piece. It looked like it might have been near the width of a cell phone tower. It's color matched that of the steel on the truck I posted.

One of the other flatbeds contained more pieces like what is on the left side of this picture:


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