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Little Things You Notice


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I don't like the sideshow banners around coney mall since they are misleading, if they have them up they should have the performers

Yea, anyone know what those are for exactly? Are they for haunt, or just to spruce up the Coney Mall atmosphere/theme.

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I like to see and find the little thing's that are wrong, or have not been changed. NOT to point fault but just to show WE are watching!

1st If you look at the Nickelodeon Universe under rides and attractions it still has PKI.

2nd f you look at "job's" the pic with "Group Fund Raising" has Face Off in the back.

I am NOT pointing fault-It is just the same as when you see the cut out on The Vortex and know they are there for The Bat. You still love the ride but stop to think Wow I got to ride The Bat.. :)

Or the paint that shows up on Firehawk ( aka X-flight).

I love the history with KI and the love the group has for the park.

Now what have you seen? Or what do you know?


I surived the Zepher!

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Guest TombraiderTy

^The information signs, right-outside the park entrance, still list Backlot Stunt Coaster as "Italian Job". Oddly enough, all the other rides have their right name :huh:

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^ Actually, I think the Krusty Krab portion of the sign was removed halfway through the 2007 season.

Also, I noticed last Saturday the massive fireworks display during the Haunt right at 10pm. No announcements, nothing. Just 10 minutes of straight fireworks.

I noticed that as well. Caught me completely off guard. We were near the DB entrance, so I got a few good (well, considering the fog..) pictures.



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I noticed that the building that Flight of Fear is in has a big 18 on it. Which I think refers to Hangar 18, which is a sick megadeth song :lol:

It's actually a reference to the rumored Hangar 18 at Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, which many UFO conspiracy theorists believe houses evidence of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. The Megadeth song is also named after the supposed building at Wright Pat.

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