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Kings Island "Draft"


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To make it easier on everyone, here is what is taken so far:

The Beast - McSalsa

Diamondback - RWildMan424

Adventure Express - markhudson

Son of Beast - BeastinNight

Vortex - PKIVortex

Firehawk - PKIDelirium

Little Bills Giggle Coaster - TheSonofBeast

The Racer - dexbomb

Flight Deck - KI Kevin

Invertigo - brick52

The Crypt - goodyellowkorn182

Flight of Fear - CedarPointer

Drop Tower - flightoffear1996

Shake, Rattle & Roll - Thrill_Biscuit

The Eiffel Tower - trint2004

Delirium - Beast1979

Viking Fury - Cort

Backlot Stunt Coaster - frisbeefan

Zephyr - TombRaiderFTW

Extreme Sky flyer - DVO

The train - rotag1299

Scrambler - Diamondback FOF

Slingshot - DropZone99

Monster - Phantom Theater

Beastie - Dbfan

Congo Falls - Rumor Smasher

Carousel - Elmer Fudd

White Water Canyon - standbyme

Wild Thornberry's River Adventure - KIfan73

Runaway Reptar - CrashOverRided

Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle - Ki4life08

(I did not include the defunct rides that were chosen since McSalsa said they were not allowed...and it’s his game. ;) )

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Drop Tower


OH darn, well most are takne, so I'll go with plankton's plunge. :)

Double Farts!

I guess I will have to have me a piece of that good ole Flintsone Boulder Bumpers pie. Jimmy Neutron's Atom Smashers, whatever you may call it.

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OK, here is an updated list. Thanks for the earlier one while I was away Standbyme.

ROUND #1 (First 10 picks)

#1-The Beast - McSalsa

#2-Diamondback - RWildMan424

#3-Adventure Express - markhudson

#4-Son of Beast - BeastinNight

#5-Vortex - PKIVortex

#6-Firehawk - PKIDelirium

#7-Little Bills Giggle Coaster - TheSonofBeast :blink:

#8-The Racer - dexbomb

#9-Flight Deck - KI Kevin

#10-Invertigo - brick52

ROUND #2 (Next 10 picks)

#11-The Crypt - goodyellowkorn182

#12-Flight of Fear - CedarPointer

#13-Drop Tower - flightoffear1996

#14-Shake, Rattle & Roll - Thrill_Biscuit

#15-The Eiffel Tower - trint2004

#16-Delirium - Beast1979

#17-Viking Fury - Cort

#18-Backlot Stunt Coaster - frisbeefan

#19-Zephyr - TombRaiderFTW

#20-Extreme Sky flyer - DVO

ROUND #3 (Next 10...)

#21-The train - rotag1299

#22-Scrambler - Diamondback FOF

#23-Slingshot - DropZone99

#24-Monster - Phantom Theater

#25-Beastie - Dbfan

#26-Congo Falls - Rumor Smasher

#27-Carousel - Elmer Fudd

#28-White Water Canyon - standbyme

#29-Wild Thornberry's River Adventure - KIfan73

#30-Runaway Reptar - CrashOverRided

ROUND #4 (Yep...)

#31-Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle - Ki4life08

#32-Action Theater - TOPGUN1993

#33-Avatar - KI Man

#34-Tasmanian Typhoon - hookyboysb

#35-Timmy's Air Tours- Coney Island Rocks

#36-Plankton's Plunge - mtl2013

#37-lazy river - coasterfreak45

#38-coolanganda racer - marchimini

#39-down under thunder- HTCO

#40-Jimmy Neutron's Atom Smashers- Jasper

If you are not on the list, you choose a ride that was either defunct, fake, or broke a rule. But you can try again. Though the pickins' is getting mighty slim... ;)

And at this point you may now offer trades. But they must accept your trade. ;)

Draft Comments:

Lame Duck of roller coasters is Runaway Reptar.

Stud of flatrides is...THE CRYPT!?!? (How did this get picked before DT or Delirium!?!?)


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