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Kings Island "Draft"


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An interesting idea that popped in my head a while back, this is more of a little "game" than a poll but I still think it fits here. If you could have a ride from KI, ANY ride, all to yourself for a whole year? Here are the rules:

-Choose ONE ride at Kings Island. And only one.

-If someone has already called a ride in an earlier post (read them all before choosing!), you must choose another ride. The topic will be dead if all rides are taken.

-All rides are in their 2009 forms (since we don't know what some will be like in 2010)

-Eiffel Tower, Railroad & Action Theater are valid choices as are all Boomerang Bay rides

-Both sides of Racer go as one ride in this topic

-You may call a ride by a previous name to pick it (ala "Top Gun", "Tomb Raider", etc.) but be aware it's the 2009 version of the ride

-You may also put up a picture of a logo of a ride you "claim" or a picture, but also specify what ride you are choosing.

-No defunct rides may be chosen, sorry.

The purpose of this? To see what rides get picked the earliest, and which ones become Mr.Irrelevant(among the last ones chosen). Act fast or the ride you want might be gone.

As the original poster, I will get Pick #1. BWA HA HA :lol: ...I choose...


The Beast! Wait, No Diamondback? Yep. But I have a funny feeling person #2 will call that...

Also, you may comment without "claiming" a ride or if you have already picked. Also, to keep some from "slugging" through these pages, I will post a list of chosen rides every now and then for listing. Enjoy.

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