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Hank's Back Porch Bar


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You know I always heard good things about that place and the food as well. I have wanted to go by there but somehow get distracted with rides and shows and so forth, maybe next time.

Me too! Next time I visit the park I'll have to go here! I've never really thought about going here to get drinks..but as someone said above, it's an arm and a leg for alcohol at the park. While I enjoy me some alcohol, there's more than that to going somewhere, I'll take my free waters and eat the food.

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Well I just got back and yes it was around $7.50 for a beer, but like $8 for a mixed drink so that's honestly not that bad of a price for a mixed drink. The pricing for food and fountain drinks are absolutely ridiculous and I felt that the dinosaur area definitely needs some more works as I had to stand there for 10 minutes at each one waving at the sensor to get it to work. The 3D movie was a complete joke, but at least I got to see it for myself. Diamondback and that Hawk one were awesome, but they need to do some serious work on Vortex. I have been riding that coaster for at least 16 years and that was the roughest it has ever been. Also helped the police department catch a guy who was breaking into unlocked cars in the parking lot on Thursday. So make sure you lock your doors!

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