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What kind of new waterslides would you like to see added to Soak City in future expansions?


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When Kings Island first revealed the concept art for Soak City 2012, I noticed the new entrance, wave pool, and volleyball court...but, I saw something else as well: plenty of room for future water slides! And thus, here's yet another poll for you guys. ^_^

Basically, what kind of water slide would you like to see added to the waterpark? I did not include types Kings Island already has, since that would be kind of pointless. I got all the different types from Wikipedia, but if you know a type of waterslide NOT listed above, please post (or choose other) and I may add it.

Enjoy the poll. If you dislike, click back.




Behemoth Bowl


Half Pipe (sorry, not the biggest image)


Speed Slide


Water Coaster


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My Personal Vote:

A tricked-out, highly themed water coaster could be very awesome...imagine, the ride begins with a themed lift similar to Adventure Express, and then drops into the actual "slide" part of the ride. As you zoom around twists and turns, fake volcanoes erupt, shooting water into the air...wait a second, forget it, this is Cedar Fair...oh well, a 200-foot tall water coaster will be good fun too! :P

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Actually, that's a version of the Speed Slide. They come in a few variations: the "cliff" style is one that goes STRAIGHT DOWN. There are some speed slides that have "bunny hops" however, and some even have trap doors. Heights of over 100 feet are not unheard of, and are supposed to be some of the most intense, frightening water slides in the world.

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Imagine, if you will, what the line for a water coaster might be like at an extraordinarily-high-traffic park like Kings Island (and specifically, Boomerang Bay). Heck, the much-smaller Holiday World is adding a second one with much larger rafts just to offset the multi-hour waits for their first one... Take one look at our filled-to-the-brim wave pool, then imagine all of those people in line for even a six-person water coaster. Woof!

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