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Best bet would be to find someone who works for Cincinnati Financial and see when their buyout day is.

For several years it has been the Sunday after opening day.

Good point, it has been closed for a private event the first Sunday it is open for several years now. I wonder how far back they have been doing that?

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I'm eagerly awaiting KI's schedule. Dollywood's is up, which is understandable since they open in March, & Holiday World's is up (although only 4 of the 11 US SF parks have their's up at this point).

I'd like it to be earlier than it was this year, because if it's the last Saturday of April again, I'll have to miss it for the first time in years because we'll be attending a certain KIC member's wedding that day (why did you have to schedule it for that day Stalkerchick?). And if I can't go the following day instead because of the park sellout, that then causes me a dilemma in my tradition of going to HW's opening day, which is always the first Saturday in May... do I go to HW or KI that day? Please, please, please go back to opening earlier this year!

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That is a nice post. I learned something today!

Obviously, Flatt wasn't the first person to set foot on the site where Kings Island resides. It was most likely a farmer in search of land.

... because for some reason the Native American tribes that inhabited the region for hundreds of years before avoided the 1600 acre parcel of land. :lol:

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From the same blog post comes this:

A number of rides have come and gone over the past four decades at Kings Island. If you could bring back any past Kings Island ride, which one would it be? E-mail us your answers at kingsislandgr@visitkingsisland.com.

I think there is a thread (or ten) around here about that, although I have to admit, I'd be hard pressed to pick just one :D

FYI, here is the answer in the more recent blog update.

In the last blog update, I asked if you could bring back any ride from the past which one would it be. We received more than 700 responses. The three most popular choices were Flying Eagles, Phantom Theatre and Antique Cars. Rounding out the top five were King Cobra and Enchanted Voyage. A big THANK YOU to all who participated.

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I find it very interesting that, in spite of comments on the park's Facebook page, none of the top 3 rides are roller coasters. They're all family rides. That should work out well in Ouimet's style's favor.

It probably will. I just wonder what rides were going to get, probably some indoor dark rides, as thats what Disney has.

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Guest TombraiderTy

Zephyr was added in '86. In the years to follow, the "smaller" rides outside of the children's area were:

'89 - Water Works water park with lazy river, children's area, etc.

'90 - Rushing River, a family raft ride in WW

'91 - Adventure Express, a family coaster (and keep in mind it originally had a 44" height requirement)

'94 - Days of Thunder simulator (I'm counting this thanks to the stationary seats in the theaters)

'97 - Wave pool

'04 - More water park expansions as part of Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay

'05 - Italian Job, marketed as a family coaster (despite the 48" height requirement)

In terms of flat rides, Zephyr would've been the last one. But there may have miscellaneous other family attractions added in the twenty-five plus years since.

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