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2012 KI Gay Pride Info!


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With all due respect... are you serious??? Come on, if the park offered 50% off every time the rides closed for a lightning event (they close for lightning within X miles, NOT just rain) Cedar Fair would be broke. The coasters were closed for a total of 15 minutes.. no more, no less.... and did so only ONCE during the event. I was there.

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And the back of the ticket saids no rain checks in the event of bad weather. The rides close for your own safety in case of lightening and other bad weather. Ever see the movie, Caddy Shack when the priest playing golf in the thunder storm when he was struck by lightening? Same thing with roller coasters in a thunder storm.

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All the rides were officially closed at 11:30PM. Wind Seeker/Drop Tower Closed at 8pm. They actually kept some of the rides open when they should of shut them down.

I know one thing, I got to ride Drop Tower with lighting in the sky, one of the BEST DT rides I've ever done, was amazing seeing it at that view(also a tad bit scary) we turned out to be 2nd of the last rides on DT.

Also I know The Beast and Diamond Back were still operating when there was lighting.

From my list, all rides officially closed at 11:30PM due to the storm being so close, But the earlier ride closing i got due to Lighting were DT & WindSeeker @ 8pm, between 8pm and 11:30 Most of the Coasters were still in operation.

List of rides I rode last night when there was heavy lighting

Drop Tower


The Beast

Diamond Back


Flight of Fear


(these rides were ridden between 8pm and 11pm)

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WindSeeker reopened later in the evening didn't it? I know my group rode it as one of our last rides of the night. We rode everything but Drop Tower and Firehawk. It was such a fun night!

I think I had the best Beast ride ever on Pride Night. It seemed to be moving extremely fast (I know it's relative), and it was darker than I had ever seen it before. It seems like there used to be more lights on it at night. It was incredible though!

Bought a shirt on the way out. Can't wait for the Pride events next year!

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