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The KIC Tradition Is Alive and Well

Gordon Bombay

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You used to do that a lot.

We'd scratch our heads and mutter! :)

That's what I'm doing!

Well, that does go to show you how we change in life. People go through phases, seasons, all having different affects and outputs on various people. I don't know what kind of joke or pun I was trying to pull, but I'm sorry even I think that is crap. Now, at least I use proper puns and post when I can to help out whenever I can. (As every user should.)

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^We'll just have to hope for another day like this next year. I promise I'll try more!


Whatever happened to that promise? :P



In 2013 I tried more. Slaughterhouse, Wolf Pack, and Carnevil to be exact.



And the picture... I look really little.


Hate to break this to you dude, you were little.

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Even when we passed through that city at 3:50 am on our way down to Florida..... There. Was. Still. Traffic. I could just imagine living their.

Washington DC had some very bad traffic as well during the three days I was there on a school trip in April of 2014. Interstate 66 is just the worst. Cincys traffic is not nearly as bad as any city. Tampa however is way worse than Washington, it took me and my brother, about 2 HOURS to travel from Busch Gardens Tampa to Sand Key Florida, which would normally only take about an hour. And this was around 4:30 pm.

I haven't been to a theme park since Busch Gardens and I'm really starting to miss them. I need to go to Kings Island soon.

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