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Kings Dominion 40th Anniversary Announcement

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Wow, I'm impressed.


Includes (paraphrased):

  • Blue ice cream returns to the park.
  • Renovation of the Royal Fountains. Sounds like KD's equivalent of Wonderland's updates.
  • Reintroduction of Candy Apple Grove, including new ride lighting packages, return of candy apples along the midway and other surprises.
  • Congo becomes Safari Village, and Volcano and Anaconda will both be receiving improvements.

I do like the direction of this new Cedar Fair... I think I might need to go to both Wonderland at KD next year. I'm a little jealous something like this didn't happen at KI last season, haha.

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There's some speculation that Volcano's improvements will involve a second loading station, a la Storm Runner or Kingda Ka. As it stands, that has "unload" and "load" stations, like Millennium Force or Flight of Fear. I've heard that ride doesn't have great capacity, so any improvements will be appreciated, I'm sure. (I've only been to KD once, and we hit up Volcano early enough that it was practically a walk-on, so I don't know much firsthand about its capacity. It's been three years, and man, do I miss that ride...)

I also have to wonder if Intamin has any improvements for the launch systems that would allow that ride to function with its original length trains. It originally had one or two more cars than it currently does, right?

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And the reversion of themed lands to old names... Hmm! Wonder what that will entail other than in-name-only.

Very cool! Although I do prefer "Congo" to "Safari Village." But such a simple change will mean a lot for that park's dedicated fans.

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In regards to Volcano's capacity:

I visited the park for the first time and every ride in the park was a walk on, even with one train operations. Volcano was the only ride in the entire park with a line. Rode it twice and took about 20 minutes each time. Any way for that ride to get a greater capacity would be awesome!

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