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Banshee Screaming Contest


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Kings Island will be holding competitions every Friday night during Haunt to find the loudest Banshee scream. Banshee Media Day passes will be awarded each night, and one finalist will win an off-season trip for two to Knott's Berry Farm.

I'm certainly not going to get up on stage in Action Zone and scream like a Banshee, but good luck to anyone who does this. (Hopefully we'll see some KICentral winners!)

Competitors will be judged with a decibel meter, so I'd recommend practicing with one of the many Android/iOS apps that approximate one.

Info: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/what-s-new/scream-like-a-Banshee

Rules: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/images/uploads/file/Kings Island_Banshee COMPETITION.pdf

A warning to those who become finalists:

All Finalists participating in the Finals will be subject to costuming, make-up and hairstyling by the Kings Island staff.

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I'm expecting teenage girls with high-pitched voices to take the prize.

The pitch of one's scream isn't directly relevant to winning this contest.

It seems that the winner of each "round" is the contestant with the highest (peak) decibel reading, not the one with the loudest perceived scream. Practicing with a meter, or even a meter app, is likely to help one scream at maximum intensity.

Would I be able to cash in my trip to kbf? Or trade for tix to magic mountai and keep the airfare.

Read the official rules.

It says that you and a guest would get round-trip airfare, a 4-night hotel stay, and a single day admission ticket to KBF. You'd also get $1,000 cash to help with taxes and incidental costs. No one would force you through the turnstiles at Knott's.

If you decide to participate, please do post the date and time you'll be competing.

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