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What do you want for Halloween Haunt?


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I didnt mean real animals! They could use some animatronic ones and fake ones. And yes for the claustrophobia use the inflatable walls you have to push through!

Consider fire safety.

Those of us who revere Great Adventure always will. Sadly.

Walls you have to push through sure sound like a fire hazard to this old geezer.

No one should have to die needlessly in a haunted attraction. Ever.

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Last year's Haunt was my favorite year. I hate the mazes but I love the shows. Last year the had Ed, Hot Blooded, Blood Drums, Graveyard Shift, and the Scream Like a Banshee contest. No matter how busy the park gets you can still enjoy yourself without really waiting in line. I really hope they have a selection like that this year.

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I just can't wait till I'm 16 cuz I think that's when you can apply correct? Also Radioriders be sure to tell us where you will be working! I go to Haunt every weekend sometimes I go both Friday and Saturday!

It is always a mystery where I will be, I may just end right behind you.....
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I'm not too sold on the idea of the skeleton key either. e curious to see how they do it at KI but heard some pretty mixed to negative reviews for it from Knott's. Though I have though about getting a Fright Lane pass anyway this year to try to get around to all of them.

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Also what do you all think will be in the Haunt building?!


But only when they are in season!

(Hi, Sam.)

Hi Terpee!

We lyk peepul if there in seesun or not and if there not than we jest put em in seesnin! Mama purfurs em in hunny barbq butt I lyk kayjin. -Sam

Sorry for that. The whole Jekyll & Hyde-like thing that Sam and I have seems to be starting already. -Gator

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