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Tony Clark: "major announcement on 9/2 at high noon"

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For starters, I'm glad it's time to sit down... TheBEASTunchained....who has been standing for too long....

6) Granted this is only a preliminary animation video, but the trains are shown with the old, classic B&M OTSRs. I hope they might be changed to the new fest restraints but at least the ride experience will be significantly improved. Floorless coasters are really fun.

This ^ is what I'm most curious about, to be honest.

I'm really, really, really hoping that the new B&M "all-in-one" restraints are used on the Rougarue floorless trains. With that style of restraint on a floorless coaster, it could prove to be one of the best floorless coasters, if not the best floorless coaster, in the world.

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I'm pretty excited for the floorless trains. I've ridden Mantis many times but never really was able to enjoy it because of the pain in my umm lower region. Although, I'm hoping that the trains will ultimately have the vest style restraints instead of the hard over the shoulder ones as shown in the video. Seems unlikely now though.

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Some pictures for those of you who want a quick look at what's been confirmed so far for 2015.

The main attraction, Rougarou:





I'm sure the station will change.


I'm still hoping for the new vest restraints.



Hotel Breakers:

Here's a newly released picture showing a rendering of a kids spray zone and lounge area:


Lakeside Pavilion:



All pictures from Cedar Point's website and can be accessed here: https://www.cedarpoint.com/what-s-new/new-in-2015

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Every year since Ouimet has had the reigns, I am more and more impressed with Cedar Fair. Unlike Six Flags, they actually put quality in front of quantity.

Especially as of late, CF has been doing an amazing job at catering to what each park truly needs.


I believe that Ouimet and CF have not only done an amazing job at catering to what each park truly needs, but also at giving "the people what they want".....In many ways and views.

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A random comment about people on Social Media...

Cedar Point announces Mantis will close: 90% of the GP is like "I'm so glad!" "Mantis sucks! So glad to see the park do something about it" and other comments relating to this.

Cedar Point announces Rougarou, a floorless conversion that will drastically improve the ride experience. 90% of the GP is like "This is so stupid." "This is just like Mantis. Why not just keep it to begin with?" And of course, what Cedar Point post is complete with a "Cedar Point is terrible! They destroyed Geauga Lake!" comment.


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