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Two new haunted mazes and new show highlight Kings Island's 2014 Halloween Haunt lineup

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Halloween Haunt needs a mascot/icon that gets its own house as well....I like the Caretaker at the gate. He's fun but I don't hang out at the gate for long. But maybe the "King's" Island Creative team can whip up an overseer and a house that changes every couple of seasons to accommodate a series of phobias....Maybe a mad doctor....I'll call him Dr. Phear...who has the cure for all of your fears. First year spiders...next year snakes....etc.

Or maybe each year an icon from one pf the houses....like Sam the Butcher one year or (maybe a clown from Carnevil)...heck this year Banshee should have popped up all over the park in houses and zones.

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Hey, I just discovered Skeleton Crew does perform today! Yay! I could only find listings online for Fridays and Saturdays so I assumed they were off Sunday. But, there are shows at 2, 4, and 6

KI Five are here too, in special black shirts and orange ties.

Magenta Lizard, you just made my day. I've been wondering how I was going to stomach Haunt to see the show. Crisis averted!

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Just realized.....there are no "Haunted Houses/Mansions" at Halloween Haunt.....we have vampires, werewolves, aliens, freaks, cemetery, scarecrows, clowns, zombie department store, zombie apocalypse, insane board game pieces, voodoo bayou, dead cowboys, chainsaw-less slaughterhouses, and sorority girls..... but no haunted house.....LOL

Anyway, here is one of my favorite HHN haunts with the lights on...remember this was dark, loud scares and it was snowing in the building.


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One of the skeletons injured himself during the trampoline act of today's first performance. I didn't see exactly what he did, but a little after the "juggling" part he stopped and went offstage. He was back for the beginning of the second show, but didn't perform on trampoline. The other two mostly just danced and jumped up and down, and they stopped the music and ended the show around the point the juggling part usually started.

I hope he's ok. It was the taller, skinnier one, the only one of the three without close-cropped hair.

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