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The best ride added to Kings Island during the Paramount Era (1993-2006) was...


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It's a toss up between TR:TR and Outer Limits mostly because of the immense theming of the rides. Really gave the feeling of being at a major park like Universal or Disney. Tomb Raider edges out Outer Limits to me since it had a great theme and scenery throughout multiple rooms and the ride itself, whereas Outer Limits mostly had a themed queue and loading area.

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Hands down: Flight of Fear, second place: Tomb Raider.

Flight of Fear was thrilling and comfortable until this year. Not sure exactly what happened to it this year or if it was related to the fires.

I really wish some of you youngins' got to experience both Outer Limits: Flight of Fear (the hangar experience, not the ride) in 1996 as well as the Tomb Raider experience of 2002-03. Both were absolutely amazing.

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