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Coasterstock Tickets On Sale Now!

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Ever since Kings Island hosted Ride Warriors Coaster Weekend in 2009 fans have been asking when the park would repeat such an awesome event. With the addition of Banshee in 2014, the time came to do it all again - in a spectacular fashion!

On May 16th and 17th 2015, Kings Island will host the inaugural Coasterstock event. This event is open to approved coaster clubs and will feature activities such as:

  • Exclusive ride times on Banshee, The Bat, Diamondback & much more!
  • Behind the scenes photo tours of Banshee, The Beast, and the Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad
  • Dinner on Saturday, May 16th, and lunch of Sunday, May 17th
  • A special presentation of International Them Park Services owner and Kings Island Hall of Famer Dennis Speigel
  • ...and much much more!

Click here to see the official flier of Coasterstock at Kings Island, including a full itinerary of events.

As a reminder, you must be a member of an approved coaster club to attend, so don't forget to purchase or renew your Coaster Crew membership before it's too late! Registration and ticket sales end April 30th at midnight, so make sure you register and purchase your tickets before it's too late!

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However, if you attempt to check-in after the start of ERT, you may be told that you "missed the tour" and now are unable to meet up. Not that this happened to us last year at BeastBuzz, registering just after ERT started. And not that we were able to join up with the behind-the-scenes tour of The Beast without issue. Oh, wait..

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I'm just stating this for the record: I always believe that for an event like this, one should always get there about as early as possible. Now I don't exactly know about registration and all of those criteria, but I would suggest to get there as soon as possible. I will personally be there at the earliest time possible, only because I want to get some of the first rides on The Bat and I'm gearing up for a milestone.

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