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Cedar Point 2016 Talk

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Okay, so I just noticed something bizarre. We were looking into going to Cedar Point the Monday and Tuesday of Memorial Day, but then I noticed they close at 8. In fact the Point closes at 8 Monday through Thursday all the way through June 9! Meanwhile, KI starts daily 10 o clock closings on Memorial Day (May 30). So, what is Cedar Point doing closing at 8 through June 9?! The Point is much more of a destination park than KI, most colleges are already out, and most other schools are getting out this week or within the next two weeks. It makes no sense to me. Does anyone here have any thoughts on why this may be?

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I forgot when Hoeter and I visited, Cedar Downs was no longer playing the racing theme/song. It was playing a horse race audio (someone calling out which horse is taking the lead which isn't on the ride).

Really disappointing. Had a friend confirm it is still not playing as of today. :/

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The announcer is what the ride had from it's move to CP till about 5 years ago when the updated the audio system. The change back to the announcer pleases me, as that also seemed more horse race than whatever that music was. On a side note, during it's time at Euclid Beach there was no audio at all.

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Well, there's also that it is a posted private road that the public has no right to use as a thrufare. This could get interesting.

Very interesting....if that's the case then I've violated the right to use it multiple times, especially as of recently. I prefer that route than the Causeway sometimes.


And how many toll booths are there at the end of the road where it enters the parking lot? IIRC, there's only one toll booth.

You are correct, 1....totally forgot.

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