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16th Annual LaRosa`s Balloon Glow at Coney Island


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Come out to Coney Island to celebrate the 4th of July a day early on July 3rd.  There will be hot air balloons glowing from 8pm to 10pm on the Moonlite Mall behind the Dodgems ride.  Admission to see the balloons is free (parking rates still apply).  At 10pm Rozzi`s Famous Fireworks will put on their typical amazing display over the banks of Lake Como.  


Also, don`t forget to check out Sunlite Pool (which will be open until 9:30 and Coney`s classic rides, which will be open until 11pm!  Be sure to check out TopSpin and Fender Bender, the two new rides for this season.  And if you didn`t visit Coney last year, be sure to check out Wipeout!  Normal rates apply for Sunlite Pool and Coney`s classic rides.  Parking is $8 before 2pm and $10 after 2pm.  


I will be working all day that day, so if you are going to Coney that day, you just might see me.  If you do, be sure to say hi!


For more information, visit Coney`s website here: http://coneyislandpark.com/larosas-balloon-glow

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Unfortunately I'm going to have to miss out this year. I decided not to take off the 3rd this year because it's on a weekend and I already took two days off in the past two weeks (the 21st for the Weird Al concert in Kettering and yesterday for my birthday).

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Yes, all of Coney`s parking lots were full by about 8:30pm!


We were afraid the rain was going to hit briefly around 7:30, which would have been no fun, but we lucked out in that regard.  The park was crazy buzy, which is good!  The fireworks were wonderful as always. 


The rides were not open until midnight.  We had all ride lines cut by 11pm, with the last public riders off the rides by 11:30.  We did run Round Up, Wipe Out and Top Spin for our rider operators close to midnight.  Hey, you work hard at an amusement park, you play hard and celebrate making it through a very long and busy day!

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