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Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees


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Actually, those beams aren't piles, as piles would have way more steel to allow for greater stability. It's the structure, and someone has ID that piece over Twitter to be almost identical to the Goliath structure at SFGA.

Piles are sized for the load they will carry. I highly doubt they will be cutting and welding those beams on site to build a station.

Most steel is going to come prefabbed for steel structures. There may be occasional field modded pieces but cutting those in the field does not make economical sense.

I'm calling piles or part of a retaining wall since they almost all appear to be the same length.

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Yeah, Mr. Glauser is wrong on this. The beams he sees in on Goliath are Channel beams or C-Beams. The ones sitting by WWC are I-beams and more than likely for pile driving and building a retaining wall during construction.

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Those are just i-beams. The ones on Goliath are "c" shaped. The beams could be for anything like the station or transfer shed frame. And the I-track that RMC uses is shaped like the Roman numerical of 2.


Photo taken here: https://twitter.com/GlauserDan13/status/750424492963422209

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