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Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees


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And...I was right. Glad I didn't end up looking like a douche to all of those that messaged me.


And in that same vein, this gives me great schadenfreude. I've been waiting for a while.


My credibility will come with tomorrow's announcement. I certainly wasn't the first on #TEAMRMC but quickly climbed aboard right after the spaghetti bowl giga daydream. I also never shifted on my final answer.

An excellent reminder for us all of what we already knew in our hearts: those who know don't speak, and those who speak don't know. A few members here had to learn that, and voila.

Happy as a clam that a wonderful GCI with an exciting theme is on the way.

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Oh give me a BREAK!!  Watched the POV, and what a huge disappointment.  I was seriously hoping for KI to do a coaster right, and all this is going to be is a dull, out-out-back journey with no serious overbanked curves or huge drops.  I give up on Kings Island.

I'm leaving the site.  Enjoy the boring looking coaster next year.

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No passes for me next year


Is this the part where we beg?  :ph34r:


What was it that was going to convince you to renew your pass again? A giga? An RMC? I forget. 


bkroz, who suspects that Beast Gal and her family would've renewed their passes if there was no major attraction (indeed, they did renew this year, right?), but now she won't renew because we are getting a major attraction – just not the one she let herself be conned into expecting. I can't figure it out in my head. I'm sure it makes sense on paper somehow.


 One thing I don't like is there was no mention of lift hill height. Not a good sign for a tall lift hill which was one of my main wants.


I heard 109 foot lift.

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I look forward to riding this thing many many times. I have never ridden in a millennium flyer but they look fantastic. Honestly I predicted KI would get a B&M giga, but not until 2019 at the earliest. Now I get a new coaster 2 years early? That makes me one happy boy.

Look for the B&M giga to come in 2022.

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Have to say I'm a little disappointed. I fail to see how this ride is any different than The Racer (plus a few more curves).


Oh dear.


*clutches pearls*


Actually, I'm THRILLED that for the first time in a long time, Kings Island is getting a coaster that doesn't scream THRILLZ FAST WOW FLIPZ but instead is earning a little bit of a "huh?" reaction. 


The last coasters I've seen with this kind of reaction? Maverick... Verbolten... Invadr... 


Put another way: you'll see.

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