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Mystic Timbers Shed aging (Warning Shed Spoiler)


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The audio before the train actually goes into the shed as it glitches, it ends up saying "go into the shed....go into the shed." 

During the night versions from my perception: 

Tree = The shed doors are closed on the screen
Bat = Bats are hanging all over the "framework" of the shed 
Snakes = snakes are lying all over the framework. 

The backgrounds are also much darker. 

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On 4/22/2017 at 3:28 AM, Voicetek said:

So, I finally got to ride MT tonight.  My wife and I took a short trip out there this evening after work just to ride it.  Since it was our first ride, we weren't sure what to expect.  However, when we got to the shed, our ride stopped.  Not sure if it was a loading issue or what, but we just sat in the shed for a few minutes.  Since we weren't sure what we were supposed to experience, we never were quite sure if what was happening was normal, or if there was an issue.  After a while, of course, we figured something wasn't right.  Finally, we heard the music kick on and then our train traveled forward and then stopped again.  Again, nothing was happening.  I saw the screen with the swinging doors, but nothing for at least a minute or so.  Then all of a sudden, we saw animations of bats come up on the side screen and then a large bat on the main screen in front of us.  Then our train rolled through the exit.  It was weird and a little distracting since we seemed to be experiencing some technical issues. 

So here's what we thought:  I wish there was fog.  For some reason I was under the impression that there was fog.  Was there supposed to be, or is this ride just void of fog?  Another thing, it would have been cool if the saw blades hanging on the wall would've started spinning by themselves.  I was kind of waiting for them to, but nothing.  Also, what's up with the wall on the right side? A couple of girls behind us starting freaking out because they thought something was going to pop up from behind the wall. Of course, nothing happened.  The big wall just seemed out of place and distracting cause it did lead you to believe that something was behind it.  Finally, I wasn't too impressed with the animated projections.  If you've read any of my past posts you'll know that I despise the use of screens in dark rides and prefer physical props.  Since I know now that the animations in the shed change, then that makes a little more sense.  I can understand WHY they did it, but I still don't have to like it B).

One final thing we discussed was the upkeep on the shed.  I really hope the shed doesn't turn into the whole "Boocifer projection on fog" thing.  I do hope they keep up with the maintenance and keep everything functioning like it's supposed to.  I'd also hate to see the shed go the way of the final Adventure Express tunnel and get no love whatsoever year after year.

My thoughts on the ride are mixed.  I absolutely loved the coaster itself, but was underwhelmed by the shed.  I guess that's to be expected after months and months of hype and build up.  KI was just asking for guests to be let down after a hashtag campaign that lasted for 7-8 months.  Although the shed does offer a somewhat unique ending to a sweet coaster, I don't think it was worth all the hype.  I think KI could've done themselves a favor and hyped up the actual ride instead.  The shed could've just been a bonus and, had we not known, we might've been pleasantly surprised by the theming of it.  Oh well.  We got a great coaster out of the whole thing and that's what's important.  I'm looking forward to many more rides on it this season.

As Thrill Biscuit will probably attest, new animation software is being made available more and more, and there's artists allover the country now. (There was a recent interview on a ghost story podcast about a guy that sits at home in Wisconson who makes FX explosions for film on his laptop as a job.) I'm hoping KI will take advantage of the availability of art to update.

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I finally got around to riding Mystic Timers today, while I accept and kind of predicted multiple endings after I went through it once, I am still confused to the story behind the theme.


So the lumber mill is active, as you approach the loading area the audio says something about "get out of here, its just starting, we still have time". Which to me kind of makes it seem like something literally just took over, and now its under quarantine. There are plants everywhere, which makes me think it is plant related. Plants don't grow that fast to overtake an actively used building, but here they all almost taking over in places.

You go up the hill, the audio says "hey don't go in there, turn around, head home, don't go into the shed". So obviously whatever took over is living in the shed. We race around the lumber yard, trying to outrun something I guess, but still end up at the shed. So the 'thing' has mind control? It subconsciously tricked us to driving our truck back to the shed. 

We get to the shed, the audio again says "whatever you do, don't go inside", but F-the-police, we go inside anyways. Then boom, something is outside, watching us. The lights start to flicker, and you get... bats. The bats come storming the barn to come get us, because, reasons, and we just leave... because, reasons.

The tree ending makes a ton more sense to me overall, not fully, but more. An Ent just come stomping up because your killing his friends, and just starts ripping the place up. We stumble on the place Scooby Doo style because our van broke down due to negligence and forgetfulness from all the pot or something. A security guy for the quarantine tells us to skiddoodle, which we try to do only the tree is pulling up roots left and right we are swerving, and tricky tree just leads us back to the shed. What it can do with electricity and making the lights dim I have no idea. But this plot fits.

Bats? Are they vampires? How do they make me end up at the shed? Why are they there? It just falls apart there for me. Storywise bats kind of ruin it.

Aside from my over thinking the story of the ride, the ride itself is very good. Its only 30-40 per hour, but it feels faster than Diamondback. It starts and doesn't really stop, there no brake track to "reset the pacing", you go and don't stop. Which really makes the ride work. I really enjoyed it over all, looking forward to a nighttime ride, soon as I can find someone to keep my kids overnight.

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10 hours ago, PKIVortex said:

It's goes over 50 mph.

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On the first hill sure, but average speed is much slower, but still feels much faster than actual faster rides

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