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Coney Island As It Was In September 2019

Gordon Bombay

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Photograph from me.

Hi guys. 

With the recent news that Coney Island would be removing all of its rides, I wanted to visit the park and document how it looked before all these attractions depart. It was the first time I had been to the "rides side" in probably a decade (I avoided the Python because riding it once with @Captain Nemo in 2008 was enough for a lifetime). 

I shot some photographs and authored a quick piece on the park's extensive history. 

Coney Island As It Was In September 2019

While this is shameless self-promotion, I do want to point out the AMAZING resource/website you have here tied in with KIC: Coney Island Central. Authored by @CoastersRZ, it's an excellent record of the park's vast history. 

From as best as I can tell, the last day to experience Coney's rides is this weekend: September 21 during the "Fire up the Night" event. 

And if you liked the above article, you might enjoy some of my other amusement park stuff:

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You would be correct that this Saturday is the last day to experience the rides.  They are open for a few hours next Saturday for the More than Pink Walk.

The article is well worth the read!

Then we will be having a private event on Sunday for our employees to enjoy the rides one last time.

I still can`t believe that the rides are leaving.  The rides department at Coney has been a part of my life since 2002, for 18 seasons.  That is more than half of my life.  I was looking forward to my kids growing up going there to ride the rides.  

I have been told I will still have a job there next year in some capacity (not sure what yet).  

I leave you with this image, from me working Ferris Wheel several years ago during a rainy July 3rd for Balloon Glow.



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