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Grade Your Coasters


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With the off-season approaching I thought it would be nice for people to grade the coasters they've ridden. These can be KI coasters or a coaster from any park

Criteria  A perfect score is 20/20

Experience: 0-6

Layout: 0-5

Capacity: 0-4

Theming: 0-3


Example: Diamondback

  • Experience: 5
  • Layout: 5
  • Capacity: 3
  • Theming: 2
  • Restraints:2

Total Score: 17/20 or 85%

Have fun!

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I would like to address a very underrated coaster. Python at Coney Island. Even though it is defunct, I would like to honor it.

Experience: 4

It is a very fun coaster. There is surprising ejector and fun laterals, and the bumpiness gives it a nice vintage feel.

Layout: 1

The only reason I am giving it one point is because of the airtime in the layout, but the layout is very basic.

Capacity: 3

The capacity is fair. It is 2 and sometimes 3 train ops. They get the passengers on and off very quickly which makes the line short and plus the ride is short which makes it even better.

Theming: 0

There is absolutely no theming at all besides the trains being snake shaped and the sign having a snake in it. You can’t really theme a pinfari very much as well, and coney island is a small amusement park that doesn’t have any theming throughout, so it gets a zero for me.

Restraints: 5

The restraints are amazing. They are cushioned metal bars, so they are comfortable in my opinion. The seatbelts are very loose, and you feel not that safe with the restraints, which gives you tons of strong airtime.

Total score: 13/20 or 65%

The main reason for this not being higher is the theming. Overall, it is a very fun and violent family coaster with tons of insane ejector and good laterals. If I had a personal score, it would be 4/5 because of the theming. I sure hope the ride stays alive at another park so I could ride it again, and if it does open up again, I recommend it.




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I will be grading Millennium Force at Cedar Point

Experience: 6

In my opinion, Millennium Force has something for everybody, Beautiful setting, speed, height, g-force, and airtime. I have never found it to have a rattle, or any signs of roughness. And the drop is one of the best I have experienced! I love the airtime you get from the drop near the back. And the speed just makes the ride that much better! I also love how it is set right next to a lake and even goes on its own little Island!

Layout: 4

I will say that Millennium Force has some weak spots in this category. some of the turns you take don't provide too much forces. Like the second overbank, it just seemed sort of weird and spread out with not too many forces. Other than that, I found all of the airtime hills give fantastic airtime! The first, providing some nice floater, the second providing some amazing flo-jector airtime, and the speed hill giving some very good ejector. The first overbank makes me grey out sometimes and is very intense. The third overbank, for some reason to me, the way you take the turn makes it feel more overbanked than the first one and it feels really strange and fun. And the last overbank feels like a great finale to the ride, and I love how it slides into the break run.

Capacity: 3

The line Moves by pretty fast, it is not the fastest line I've gone through, but it still goes at an above decent speed. It is usually running on 2-3 trains and the operations are very good. It does have two seat per row trains, so if you're waiting for a specific row, you would be waiting longer than on a four seat per row train like on Fury 325.

Theming: 2

Millennium Force has a very subtle theme in my opinion. The reason that I have it ranked at 2 is that the theming that it does have, I really like. I love the sort of future theme it has and I always love rides that are themed that way. I have also always really liked the station, just the design and the orange lighting inside the station have a very nice and cool feeling to them.

Restraints: 2

Honestly, I love T-bars. I have always found them very comfortable for me and they are very free, which would make every element on Millennium Force more enjoyable and intense compared to if it had Intamin's ostr's or vest restraints.

Total score: 17/20 or 85%

The reason this coaster is my number one, Is because it has so much to offer and as I said earlier, it has a bit of everything. And those are the type of roller coasters that I like best. Overall Millennium Force Is a fantastic roller coaster, with an amazing setting, and a variety of different feelings of g-force, airtime, and getting hit in the face with bugs in the front seat.

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Since I've ridden it most recently (and it currently surpassed both Diamondback, Firehawk and both Racers in the number of times I've ridden it), I will rank Mystic Timbers.

Experience: 4.5

Mystic Timbers is a very solid coaster that has a lot of cool elements. When ridden at night, it seems to haul through the course and reminds me of those rides I took on Voyage at Holiwood Nights. While at first the shed disappointed me, I've grown used to it. If the shed wasn't there, I think the ride could still stand out it's own (and maybe be a tiny bit longer and have a different ending), but the shed adds a little something extra.

Layout: 4

Mystic has an interesting layout. It is amazing how much speed that first drop gives and the low to the ground moments (especially the dips and s-curves) are really cool. If I can be nitpicky, the few parts that are meh are the hill/turn after the first drop (maybe that could have been lower or slightly curved upward to reduce the amount of speed lost from the drop) and the turnaround. Otherwise, it's got a cool layout.

Capacity: 3

I think it has pretty good capacity.

Theming: 4

It has a lot of theming, from the queue to the station to the shed.

Restraints: 2

Restraints are simple, workable and do the job.

Final Score: 17.5/20


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I shall join in this. For my review, I choose the ride that made me fall in love with roller coasters in the first place...

The Beast @ Kings Island

Experience: 6/6 (5/6 if Daytime)

The Beast is a epic ride experience. It feels very fast and out of control, as the train bounces around the track, feeling at times like it is going to break loose and fly off- especially in the double helix. The wooded setting of the coaster makes it feel like you are far from civilization at points, and gives the entire ride a horror movie vibe. Especially at night when everything becomes nearly pitch black. You even get some epic views from both the lift hills.

Layout: 3/5

The layout of The Beast is very unique, and it is massive and sprawling, and the double helix finale is super epic. But it does have a bit too much straight track so I can't say the ride's layout is insanely good.

Capacity: 3/4

While the ride doesn't have the fastest dispatches in the world, they are OK, and the 36-passenger trains really help the line move at a solid pace.

Theming: 2/3

While there isn't much as far as theming goes on the actual coaster save that one Mine Shaft you see when exiting the station and heading for the lift hill, the signs in the station, the station design itself, the entrance building, and the returning-for-2019 paw prints are all great touches. The ride also has a nice backstory behind it, something I think more rides should have.

Restraints: 1/2

Standard PTC Lap Bars. They aren't the greatest, they aren't the worst, they are just OK.

TOTAL SCORE: 15/20 (75%)

Note that while I only give Beast a 75% overall here, IRL Experience matters a bit more to me than a lot of the other factors and I adore this ride. Thus just because another coaster may earn more total points doesn't mean I'd like it more than Beast.

I may also do more of these this off-season. :P







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