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What is your Ohio "Mount Rushmore"?


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I would agree with the above, however, I would swap out Orion for Millennium Force and possibly Dragster for something representative of the old Geagua Lake (Six Flags Worlds of Adventure) - Big Dipper, perhaps? I never went when it was open, so I don't know that their most memorable coaster would be.

So, again, here are my picks:

Steel Vengeance

Millennium Force

The Beast

Big Dipper [or insert something memorable from Geagua Lake here]/Top Thrill Dragster

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Racer needs to be there for mostly re-starting the coaster building spree after it died off in the Great Depression and WWII.  

Also defunct coasters from CI like Shooting Star and/or Wildcat.  

EDIT: My list- Racer, Beast, Big Dipper from GL, Shooting Star, and Magnum. 

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I'll be (hopefully) riding SteVe in a couple days for the first time and if it lives up the hype, it would certainly go on here. The video that OP is referring to, from Airtime Thrills, is really looking at standout coasters by todays standards, so in that vein my picks are:


-Millennium Force

-Mystic Timbers


Was never a huge fan of Maverick but I've only ridden it a few times so maybe I'll change my mind. TTD is great fun but its not complete enough of a ride. And I won't say much about Magnum except that it just doesn't make my list.

If we could include specific scenarios, then a night ride or a rain ride on The Beast would be on there.

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