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Excited to see the new area next year.  This will actually open up an area where matterhorn and the scrambler are now.  From the drawing wild mouse is indeed a new spinning coaster and not a relocated psycho mouse.  Renaming Tiki Twirl back to Calypso is a nice touch also.  

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More info.  https://www.cedarpoint.com/new-in-2023/wild-mouse

52 feet tall, 1,312 feet long with six mouse themed cars and 1 cheese themed.  All cars are 4 passenger..  Neat idea.  48" or 42" with a companion.

Oh and one more thing, Tony says in the announcement that it will be Cedar Points 18th roller coaster.  They currently have 17 COUNTING DRAGSTER!  So it would seem Top Thrill will be around next season.  Now if and when it will be running is a different story........

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On 4/5/2023 at 6:48 PM, Coastercrush said:

Rode this exact same zamperla at coney island this past July.  Let that sink in, Cedar Point has a clone of a coney island NY ride.  Lmao

The coaster makes perfect sense to me. It is in the new boardwalk section. It's another kid friendly option for families. It is one of the more needed attractions missing in their lineup. Heck one of my favorite coasters at SFSTL is Pandemonium a family coaster.

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