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Only Four Invertigos?

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From what I gather, the Invertigo model was extremely popular amongst roller coaster enthusiasts compared to the original sit down version, so naturally only 4 were ever built…

I’m kind of surprised we haven’t seen a modern version of the Invertigo model with new track and vest restraints.

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We've been lucky with ours in terms of down time.  Most of the others have been bad at down time, both the normal Invertigo models and the Giant Inverted Boomerangs.   I remember several news stories about the CGA and SFA versions being stuck with riders and it drew a lot of negative attention among normal guests. 

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And I am in the minority here, but I hope she has some years left in her to stick around awhile longer. Especially with being the last one of its kind in the states. It is one of the more intense ride experiences at the park and personally, I feel, one of the better older Vekomas still operating.  

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12 hours ago, CoasterJack said:


I've seen this happen too many times to count

Seen what? 

Your photo shows when the train valleyed between the loop and cobra roll, so a crane was utilized to bring the train back to Lift 2. This is not common at all and actually might have been the only time the ride had this scenario occur. 

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