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What exactly is going to happen in HB?


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I just got word from the park that there will be a construction tour sometime this February.  Keep checking PKIC for details.

Do the tours cost anything, and is it open to general public or just workers?

Sorry for double posting

They're open to everyone and they're free! Keep checking back on here and we'll get you more info on the "when to's" and the "where to's" as we get more information.

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Back in October I posted the following:

Here is what I think will be the new rides for the Nickelodeon Universe:

Avatar - I think this will be a new Zamperla coaster using the same type of design and technology as a Disko but a longer track.

Plankton (Free Fall) - Zamperla Jumping Star Ride

Danny Phantom (Flying Ride) - Zamperla Kite Flyer

Azul (Dora's Train Ride) - Zamperla Rio Grande Train Ride

Blue's (Jumping Journey) - Zamperla Jump Around

SpongBob - I don't know.

Zamperla will also do the modifications to the Carousel (turn it into Nick) and supply new bumper cars (or modify the old ones) for the Jimmy Neutron Outerspace bumper car ride.

I just noticed on ExtremePKI that they are now says that PKI did buy a Zamperla ride package. I still hold to my post from October that these are the rides coming to the new NU.

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^^That reminds me what is this Spongebob Bob's Bikini Bottom attraction?

A Bikini Bottom attraction that will replace the current Green Slime Zone Water Maze. "Guests will enter in through SpongeBob's Pineapple and exit through Squidword's Tiki House," Siebert said. "It's somewhat a walk-through attraction.

Sounds like a enclosed slime maze...I wish pki would speak up on whats to come I plan on going to PKI a lot this summer with my family.

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