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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Just give us the reservation button already!!!
  2. Yeah, I know that at Universal the water rides (Jurassic Park, raft ride, etc...) do not require masks.
  3. Those two types of rides have been open at Universal, and are on the list or rides to be open at Disney in a few weeks.
  4. Park Hours Up. Everyday is 11-7, except July 4 which is 11-10!! The first reservation time each day will be 10:30, at which time the parking tolls also open.
  5. Yeah, mine has been the opposite. I've had the mobile dining, but hours just showed back up this morning.
  6. The park hours link was just added to the app homepage. No hours are listed, but it's a change. Things are happening!!!!
  7. One other big thing. If we want Kings Islands reopening to succeed, we as patrons must abide by the rules. If a lot of people show up and cause problems about masks and distancing, KI could make the decision to just close back down. So, if you are planning to go to the park, please be respectful of the rules and especially the workers.
  8. I’m sure there are plenty of people who will go and abide by the new rules. We will.
  9. Hey, I like the Smokies. We just hiked there a couple of weeks ago
  10. Yes. I was just saying that if the park is at capacity, even with reduced capacity on rides, it will still feel tame compared to a normal summer day.
  11. One of the positive parts of the reservations and reduced capacities that my wife and I were discussing is that for a while, weekends won't be terrible days to go. Yes, they may reach capacity, but full capacity for a while will probably feel quieter than the Tuesdays/Thursdays that we normally hit up KI. Ready to book!!!
  12. Beat me to it. Was just getting ready to post! Hopefully mobile order will work with all season dining.
  13. No idea. Universal Orlando has plenty of indoor attractions that are open.
  14. No. Kings Island / Cedar Fair have given no official date as to when reservations can be made.
  15. Bottom line. Kings Island is private property that no one is being force to go to. If they require masks and you don’t want to wear one, then don’t go. I, for one, am happy to wear a mask to get to enjoy some coaster riding.
  16. Sea World and Walt Disney World will present opening plans and dates tomorrow morning at 10 AM !!!!!
  17. Universal Orlando was give the official go ahead for their June 5 public opening by Governor DeSantis today! Masks required. Orange County's Mayor stated that Disney World is supposed to deliver their reopen plan to the task force at their meeting next Wednesday.
  18. The Orange County Task Force just approved Universal Orlando for a June 5 public opening. June 1-2 is a Team Member soft open. June 3-4 is Passholder and invited guests. *pending Mayor and Governor approval **masks required for all team members and guests
  19. Disney, Universal, and Sea World begin presenting their reopen plans to the Orange County Taskforce today. Universal presents today. Disney and Sea World to come soon. Reopen dates must be part of the plans. Should be an interesting day!!
  20. We use running belts. Work perfect. Fit right under our shirts never have to use a locker!
  21. This. The numbers to watch are the percentage of positive cases of all tested, along with hospital/ventilator capacity. Those are the numbers that are important at this stage in the game.
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