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  1. Totally random under rated things in the park

    Tom & Chee's BBQ grilled cheese!!
  2. Funpix info

    I was disappointed when I went to Worlds of Fun this past season & they didn't have it. I just assumed they did. They looked at me like I was crazy when I was explaining what FunPix was, lol. I've also heard that they are receiving FunPix this year as well.
  3. Coasterstock 2018

    O got my tickets today for CoasterStock & Holiwood Nights. I'm excited about getting to walk back on more coasters this year at CoasterStock. Also on a side note, don't you have to be a member of a coaster club by a certain date to be eligible for the event. I seen a few people on here mention they were gonna join a coaster club to get into the event. But I was thinking you had to be a member of a coaster club by December 2017 to be eligible for CoasterStock. If I'm wrong someone please correct me. I love the way Holiday World does it. All you have to do to get into the event if your not a member of a coaster club is come as a guest of someone who is.
  4. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I know this won't happen but I think it would be a great fit for KI. I'd love to see TimberWolf removed and BLSC moved to that area of the park. Breath some new life into that corner of the park along with a new theme for the ride. Then I'd love to see the new Steeplechase ride concept that S&S has been working go in where BLSC currently stands. I think a Steeplechase ride like this would be much more appealing to families & would be a homerun hit if it was located where BLSC is now.
  5. What could 2018 bring KI

    ^^^ I truly hope your right!!! ^^^
  6. Kings Island's next coaster predictions

    I agree with this. I could also see Gerstlauer coming in at some point. What I'd love to see is Mack get more involved with Cedar Fair & Kings Island particularly, but that's just me. Mack offers a crazy amount of different coasters.
  7. The Giga Speculation Thread

    The men who formed B&M originally worked for Intiman. I'm sure they could put their heads together if they really wanted to. But I highly doubt that would ever happen. Walter & Claude left Intiman for a reason.
  8. Best B&M Invert

    My top 3 B&M inverts follow as: 1. Afterburn "Carowinds " 2. Banshee "Kings Island" 3. Montu "Busch Gardens Tampa"
  9. The Beast Roughness/jerking

    You nailed it!! I love the intensity of Voyage. Voyage also shatters The Beast in airtime. Voyage also has much better laterals, it's really not even compared IMO. Voyage also provides just as good of a night ride if not better than The Beast. Also the Voyage doesn't have a ton of straight track. IMO that's the worst part about The Beast, just way to much long straight sections. Now don't get me wrong, I still love The Beast. It's still a top 5 woodie in my book. But when comparing The Beast & Voyage the only thing I found comparable was they go about the same speed and both provide amazing night rides. Other than that Voyage takes the cake in my book.
  10. The Beast Roughness/jerking

    I'm a fan of The Beast, but it's far from my favorite woodie. Voyage at Holiday World takes the cake for me. I love how technology has advanced to make wooden coasters more smooth. Mystic Timbers is a perfect example of this. It's smooth in every seat. I don't think a person should have to pick what time of day & know where to sit on a coaster to have smooth ride. To me The Beast is rough to an extent, but it's nothing my 35 year old body can't handle .
  11. The Giga Speculation Thread

    No doubt!!! I couldn't agree more. I believe this is the closest your gonna see to your beloved Intiman.
  12. Ideas for the Crypt building?

    Yes please!!!!
  13. The Giga Speculation Thread

    You are 100% correct. Matt Ouimet said neither of the Kings parks would ever have anything done to the front entrance that would disrupt the shock and awe the fountains and tower provide. I'm sure we could see small touch ups. But I don't think they ever want a coaster to mess up the Kings parks grand entrance.
  14. Ideas for the Crypt building?

    If KI's next coaster isn't a Giga I'd like to see a Mack launch coaster similar to Blue Fire or Helix. I think you could use the crypt building as a dark ride section exactly like Blue Fire does. Once launched out of the building and shot off into the woods I'd like the ride to be more like Helix. I know I know wishful thinking. But one can dream right?
  15. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I know Mack hasn't went over 300 feet yet. But when looking at their website it seems like they are throwing it out there that they can. I'd like a KI Giga to come from Mack. That's the closest thing your going to get to an Intiman, just a lot more reliable. Do I think that's gonna happen? NO!! I think KI is gonna get the first terrain Giga. I think the drop will be similar to what Apollo's Chariot does. I could see KI having about a 310 foot lift hill with a 340-350 drop. Especially if it's placed in the Dino's plot. I def think this Giga will be a B&M. With the B&M plant being 25 minutes away from KI it should keep shipping costs down and allow them to add more money into the ride. At least that's what I'm thinking. Anyways I hope this happens sooner rather than later.