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  1. If KI is removing the maintenance sheds for the X-Base area to the site of the pole barn area for an entire X-Base expansion would be amazing. One thing that I’m not sure would be able to be relocated easily is this white holding tank or tower. I actually have no clue what it is or what it holds. Is it some form of water tower? It looks like a huge oil holding tank that we have on the Ohio River where I’m from. Could someone please fill me in and let me know if it is able to be relocated, thanks.
  2. Now all we need is the Coney Mall signs back. That would be extremely inexpensive & make all kinds of people happy. Keep up the great work KI
  3. 1-Giga 2- Something bigger for the kids with a 38/40 inch height. Something similar to Firechaser Express or Kentucky Flyer. 3- Ground up RMC woodie 4- Mack Multi Launch
  4. After riding Copperhead Strike this past weekend, I’d be more than ok with KI getting a Mack Multi Launch. TBH the launch’s were sub par but it had amazing airtime and laterals, not to mention the hang time is out of the world. Towards the end of the ride it had some nice rapid transitions similar to Maverick. Maverick is still the way better ride, IMO but if KI went with a Mack Multi Launch they couldn’t go wrong.
  5. That’s what I was thinking. I’m just surprised it was a little higher.
  6. I’m sorry I should have put 20-30 days. 23 extra days is a lot more than a few weekends.
  7. I’m surprised it wasn’t higher honestly. With a brand new coaster and 30-40 extra days added to the season “WinterFest” it shocked me we only saw a 2.5% bump in attendance.
  8. I’m with you on Texas. Houston Texas is they 4th largest city in America & they have no major amusement park since AstroWorld was closed. If there is only City that could support a new ground up park, I believe Houston is the answer.
  9. First thing I’d do is change Action Zone to a place called Haunted Hill. We already have Banshee and The Bat which would fit in with the new theme. It would have the flickering lights everywhere like the SV lift hill, along with the fog and scare actors year around. I would def repaint Drop Zone and rename it Demon Drop. Delirium would become Pendulum. I’d also love to fit a Intiman Blitz somewhere in the newly rethemed area called PURGATORY. Needless to say I like the dark theme and the Haunt season is my favorite time of the year.
  10. What about paying homage to the Shooting Star at Coney Island? That would be a cosmic theme and could fit in with the X-Base theme.
  11. I was about to post the same thing. Just watch the video above .
  12. Theme Park Worldwide has some of the best content I’ve ever seen. Only problem is he covers mostly European parks. Other than that I’ve yet to see anyone match the quality he produces. If I ranked them my list would follow as: 1- Theme Park Worldwide 2- Coaster Studios 3- Coaster Net 4- In the Loop 5- Midway Mayhem Bonus: Amusement Insiders are very good. They are starting to come onto the scene big. I also like CoasterBob62. I just wish he talked more in his videos. He rarely says anything.
  13. I’d be very surprised to see KI remove a Vekoma Flying Dutchman for a B&M Flyer. To me it makes zero sense to remove a Flyer just to add a Flyer. Although more reliable B&M flyers also have crap capacity.
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