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  1. oh, i see it. that might just be temporary while they do some landscaping outside of the queue or something, idk
  2. wait, where did you see that? I don't think I saw that in any drone footage
  3. It's likely that we can say goodbye to a POV anytime soon. They probably don't want anything else about Orion getting out for a bit so they can release it closer to their now mid-May opening.
  4. Wouldn't "landscaping, final painting, signage" all fall under theming? So all we have left is the line and theming?
  5. https://www.nbc4i.com/community/health/coronavirus/ohio-health-official-estimates-100000-ohioans-already-carrying-coronavirus/ 100k Ohioans allegedly have covid-19 already... not sure how much I believe that but ight. If it's true then we might have to wait a bit longer, my school is already closed until April.
  6. I hope we get landing strip style lighting, but high tech futuristic... Like, a blue/purple line that moves up the hill instead of lights blinking up it?
  7. Why the quotes? Are you suspicious that they are secretly keeping real animals in there lol
  8. Have we seen anything on the queue theming yet?
  9. is this the first topic in this forum?
  10. I think we have all heard the question, "if you had an infinite amount of money, but lost it if someone found out, how would you use it?", and I was wondering what KI would do in a similar scenario. I think they would probably raise the wages of their workers to improve the already amazing service, and invest in places like restaurants and shops. They could use this as an excuse for any money that seems unrealistic when buying the first 500ft tall coaster.
  11. Is the KI website not loading for anyone else?
  12. this would be a lot easier with Polaris Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. why worry about a trim, there's no mid course breaks! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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