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  1. It’s not the track that’s rough, the trains just have a super bad shakiness and it feels like it’s about to fall apart.
  2. American Dream mall is very similar to this and it took a looooooooong time to develop
  3. Hey maybe they’ll get python from Coney Island because riding it feels like getting hit by a meteor.
  4. Flying Ace Aerial Chase. Boring and very very rough. I don’t like The Beast either, mostly because last time I rode on a wheel seat
  5. So it was confirmed recently that Indiana Beach has acquired a family zyklon model that will be opening along with American Dreier Looping in 2022. The name is not known but people have seen the foundation for the coaster and have talked with Gene Staples. Gene said that is was supposed to open Labor Day of this year but got delayed. Here is the link to the rcdb page. It will most likely be built by SBF. https://rcdb.com/19573.htm
  6. Sadly, Wild Adventures is not RMC’ing Cheetah, as it’s demolition just got finished today. It’s completely torn down. Welp. Replacement speculations anyone?
  7. Nope. We don’t really trust the vaccine, but not trying to get into anything political. I personally don’t trust it because my friend got the vaccine and he just got sick. Edit: When I said he just got sick, I meant he took the vaccine and it was way more than just regular side effects.
  8. Yeah I completely understand, if you saw my posts at the beginning of this thread, I was one of those people lol. But yeah if you haven’t had it wearing a mask is probably the smart thing to do. Right before I got covid, my school advised we wear masks just in case because in my county, the number of cases is growing like a wildfire. Literally the day after I got sick. Really wish I would have listened. But yeah, you can’t make everyone do it, but the most you can do is recommend. And @jsus I agree. It’s not like everyone is going to get a severe case, but I got a severe case and I’m only 16 and don’t even have any physical problems. I just happened to get a severe case. People should take precautions because it’s possible that you could end up with something severe. Not too likely, but very possible.
  9. Yeah, I felt like it needed to be shared because some people on this website might not know the risks. We definitely didn’t know until this happened.
  10. So I hate to hit you guys with a serious comment but I feel like I have to post this. I have already said that I had covid and that it was pretty miserable, but that was the beginning of the sickness and it’s already gone through my whole family, so here goes. I got it first, I immediately started with a 104 degree fever. Highest fever I’ve had in my life, followed by a sore throat that even made it hard to swallow water. Because of this I didn’t eat much and lost a lot of weight. After I was done with the virus, I stayed home for another week not only because my family still had it, but because the virus basically drained me and I was exhausted. My sisters all got it and they had moderate symptoms and did pretty well. My parents however had the same symptoms as me and are still currently dealing with covid pneumonia. This story leads me to say that if you haven’t had covid yet, I would wear a mask for the sake of the unknown. Me and my parents happened to get severe cases and it still kind of affects us to this day, almost a month through it. If you know of anyone with the sickness, try and help them out as much as possible, just like my family and friends did who I am beyond thankful for. So again, if you haven’t had covid yet, I would advise wear the mask, and if anyone you know has it help them out as much as you can. I know I was very ignorant with it at first and after actually getting covid, I am pleading that you take this advice because it might end up severe like what my family had to deal with. Whew, all done. Thanks for reading this!
  11. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes *gaaaaasp* they should. Did I mention that they should? I really don’t like The Beast, and for one specific thing. The roughness. Gci or gravity group should come in and retrack the thing. It’s gotten unbearable and I think something needs to be done about. Hey, did I mention that they should retrack The Beast?
  12. Well I’m not at school, I have covid. And yes, I will say students can be smarter than their parents when I comes to masks. I really don’t mind wearing them, and I realize people have breathing problems, but since when does putting a mask on that doesn’t suffocate you count as a health violation?
  13. My schools in Ripley County don’t have mask requirements yet, but I strongly hope that they enforce it. Last night I woke up with a 104 degree fever and I am still feeling miserable. Might I add that this is a mild case, for I only have a cough and a major fever. I may have been a little optimistic at first, but after getting covid, I suggest that everyone tries their best not to get it. Although I must say that the vaccine in my opinion isn’t very trustable. My good friend @ThrillKingsOryan got the vaccine and he was feeling miserable. I would suggest that you just wear your masks. Please nobody attack me for this, as this is my opinion and I also got the virus.
  14. I honestly think it will get removed before The Bat and Flight of Fear. The Bat is too much of a gem for KI to remove and it has some sort of significance. Flight of Fear would leave backlot as the only launch in the park, which would leave an extreme launch gap. I just don’t see backlot staying around this long.
  15. Good point lol. Glad you explained it better. Either way, wicked twister was an unpopular ride. I know it had it’s fans here and there (including me) but it’s out of date, at least for CP standards. I truly hope it goes to a park like MIA. It would fit in with the trend of impulses going to smaller Cedar Fair parks like dorney park and valleyfair. Also, in case you missed, I did say it could be gone because of no longer being a record holder *and* not being popular. That doesn’t add much difference to my idiotic reasoning but I feel like people missed that.
  16. Well I mean the only good reason I could think of besides that is the fact that the capacity is low. No need to be so aggressive about it, it was just an idea
  17. Actually wicked twister’s record just got broken by a Chinese park. They got a next gen impulse and it’s taller and faster. https://rcdb.com/16426.htm This may be why they decided to remove it. It didn’t fit that well and now it’s not a record holder
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