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  1. Ok, I have no idea where you got not enough activity from. I don’t know if any of these posts came off as not enough activity on this website, that’s not what I meant. What I was saying was that is website is an escape. You are supposed to have fun. If someone comes on here and sees bad news on this forum, they will just start worrying. There. The argument is over I hope.
  2. No I’m saying that there is less activity on here because of this thread. I think without it there would be much more conversation on many other better threads
  3. Sometimes there isn’t anything else. Everybody is so busy on this thread that everything else is basically dead for the day. Plus sometimes there are some interesting news posted on here, but that is sort of rare. Everything else is everyone arguing and complaining over everyone else’s opinions and I don’t want to be part of that.
  4. I’m not a scientist, I just went with it. To be honest I don’t know why this thread was made in the first place. This website is made for enthusiasts to thrive and have fun and not having to worry about anything. I come on here to have fun. In my opinion, this thread completely ruins the purpose of coming on here and having fun if we are just going to see worrying facts all the time. Not trying to start an argument here, I just don’t see any plausible reason of this thread.
  5. Well let’s say the whole bat thing happened. We would know where it comes from and it would maybe be a little easier to make a vaccine. Maybe the whole man made thing is right and maybe we just need to find who did it and get a cure. That kind of stuff. Again, this is just an opinion. I don’t want to start another argument or lecture, especially with the exact same user that it always happens with. I don’t know if what I’m saying sounds plausible to you guys or not but I’m only a teen and not all things that come out of my mouth are smart lol.
  6. Well I would think if we know the cause that we could maybe find a cure. But that’s just my opinion
  7. I think everyone is just not used to COVID so they are going off of what they may know and presenting it as fact. That or they are trying to get likes on social media. I guess what I’m saying is you can’t really blame them. Nobody knows what the heck happened. Not even scientists can exactly pinpoint how COVID started.
  8. You mean the one we don’t talk about? Lol Don’t know how people can tolerate it, but some can.
  9. Well we haven’t been to many parks so it impressed us
  10. Today me and @ThrillKingsOryan visited Kentucky Kingdom for the first time ever. First words are in my opinion, this is the best park. It is run by some of the best employees. Every ride is great (besides T3, but we don’t talk about that) and every single ride (besides T3) is underrated. Here is mine and Ryan’s review for the coasters. Storm Chaser - #1 in the park and in the world for both of us. Most aggressive coaster ever with some of the most insane airtime you can find on a coaster. First drop gives awesome hang time and is super whippy in the back. Rode it three times. Last time we rode it, we had a fist size room for airtime. Lightning Run - Second favorite for both me and Ryan. Insane ejector airtime, best in the back. We rode it 4 times. Last time we got stapled pretty hard and left sore because of the ejector airtime we got while stapled. Kentucky Flyer - Great family coaster, has great ejector in the back, especially on the drop. It is a very short ride but is really easy to marathon. Thunder Run - Pretty underrated wooden coaster. Good airtime on every hill. But do not ride in the back. You will get stapled and jackhammered hard. Front is where it’s at. Roller Skater - Good ride for the kids, but is very boring. It’s actually pretty rough, and it the back you get beat up. Flat Rides: Cyclos - Best flat there. Has insane hangtime. That’s all I need to say. FearFall - Drop Tower that was disappointing for us. Good stomach drop but Drop Tower at KI is way better. Scream Extreme - New generation Zamperla enterprise. It’s an ok flat. You can feel the G’s on the ride a lot. Not the best flat, though. Mile High Falls - If you don’t like to get wet, don’t ride this. We didn’t really enjoy it that much lol We got 13 or 14 rides in total in a matter of 7 and a half hours. If you like exhilarating ejector machines, than this is the park for you. Also, it’s a great family park. There aren’t many family rides but almost all of the rides are a height requirement of 48 ft. Kentucky Flyer is the perfect coaster for people to start riding coasters, so if you have a kid, take them to Kentucky Flyer first. We did not ride T3 because we didn’t want to be even more sore than we already were from the extreme airtime we experienced on the coasters we rode. I definitely recommend this park and will revisit in the future. If you guys are wondering, Hurricane Harbor is included in a regular one-day pass. You will have to pass through it to get to some of the rides.
  11. I could definitely see this. It would be about the same price as mystic since Zadra was about 15 million. We need a hybrid in our lineup. We could easily make a record breaker.
  12. Did not mean the restraint was up. It came up when they were waiting for the launch. Not in the station.
  13. Looks like Stormrunner could be in deep trouble. A lawsuit has been filed against the park and Intamin against a potential accident. A dad and his son got on Stormrunner but the son’s restraint didn’t lock in and the ride op didn’t bother to check. When they were pulled out of the station, the boy jumped out of the train right before the launch and survived. I can see this as a potential issue that could shut down the ride for good very soon.
  14. Yeah I heard it has great air. Probably their best. Don’t know. But it was actually being planned.
  15. Wooden coaster company that was created by the designer of beast, probably the most unsuccessful wooden coaster manufacturer. Almost every single coaster they made is horrible or transformed into an RMC. An example of some of their coasters is Thunder Run (Kentucky Kingdom), Timberwolf (Worlds of Fun), Predator (Darien Lake), Wolverine Wildcat (Michigan’s Adventure), etc.
  16. Seriously, I made a thread about what Diamondback would be like if it were a Dinn. I was trying too hard
  17. On the bright side, this is a good way to make vaccines. But that really sucks.
  18. If I understand, Kentucky is doing pretty well right now based on rules and stuff. Literally the judge is vetoing all the regulations from the health team there. I don’t really know if it’s a good thing or not because Kentucky is not doing as bad as other states. It is a good thing for theme parks though.
  19. Surprised this thread is still going. I was messing around with thread making and got too carried away. I’m looking back at this and cringing so hard lol
  20. https://www.hersheypark.com/explore-the-park/rides/storm-runner/ This really sucks.
  21. Is it just me or did the hours change up?
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