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  1. Excuse my ignorance, but isn't TTD already an LSM coaster?
  2. I rest my case. If you still feel that masks will reduce the spread of Covid, after the manufacturer tells you it won't, you're not worth my time. Good day, all. Go celebrate the freedoms that millions of Americans died protecting.
  3. Those of you that are adamant on mask wearing, I have a few questions for you... 1. After you put your mask on, do you touch it, even just once? 2. Do you ever wear it just below the nose? 3. (For men) Do you have any facial hair? If you answered yes to any of these, your mask is rendered completely useless. Don't preach to me about wearing a mask, when you can't wear one properly.
  4. INSTANT WIN PRIZES The Ticket of a Lifetime Free Two-day Admission to Cedar Point Free Single Day Admission to Cedar Point Buy One Get One Admission to Cedar Point Anniversary Admission at a discounted price of $18.70 Save $20.20 for 2020 Cedar Point admission Source: https://www.ticketofalifetime.com/
  5. Didn't know where else to post this, but if you look at the track leading into the station, the red looks much brighter than the rest of the track... are they repainting Diamondback? I sure hope so! It needs it, and it would look great with Orion! Sorry if this has been discussed before.
  6. It's been a month or so since I've been on here, and haven't seen any updates on Orion since then either... happy to see we're at the turnaround already!! Man, this is one good looking coaster! And @Waltny, that is a gorgeous photo!! Do you mind if I use it as a desktop background at work?
  7. My first guess was that those are the supports for the shade canopies in the queue. Probably wrong though.
  8. After 4 days of not checking the webcam... this was me at work this morning:
  9. This is what I imagine he means by "working hard"...
  10. They've specifically stated that it'll be topped off the first week of November. It won't be this week. Please, roller coaster gods, have the webcam back up by next week!!
  11. It's day 6... no, uh, 7... without the webcams. Food and water ran out 2 days ago. Oxygen will run out tomorrow morning... and that'll be it...
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